See How Quickly PANscan Finds Unencrypted Card Data

In 2020, 74% of SecurityMetrics PANscan users had unencrypted payment data stored in their business systems.

Storage of payment data may come from Marketing Departments, Account Departments, payment applications, or bad process. PANscan points you to file paths of unprotected data so you can encrypt or delete it.

Save time on compliance and reduce your liability without interfering with business operations using SecurityMetrics PANscan.

Reduce business liability

You work hard to run your business. Hidden liabilities can undermine your efforts. PANscan checks your system for visible cardholder data and points you to where it’s stored. Once PANscan identifies storage points in your systems, you can then decide to protect the data either by encryption or deletion.

Save time on compliance

PANscan speeds up the compliance process so you don’t have to manually search for card data on your system. PANscan’s algorithm is designed to reduce false positives, meaning you have fewer files to look through after the scan is complete. No need for technical knowledge. The PANscan interface allows even non-technical users to accurately and efficiently find and deal with unencrypted payment data on their network.

Run business as usual

A slow system affects the entire business. PANscan runs in the background without interfering with day to day business operations. If you encounter any problems, SecurityMetrics support department is available 24/7 to assist you.


Steve Patel, Sr. Director, Information Technology, Church's Chicken / Texas Chicken

PANscan runs light on our system. The search criteria detects the card info from all types of files and it's easy to transfer between clients. It’s very user friendly and easy to navigate.

Steve Andariese, Security Compliance, Northern Arizona University

PANscan has given us the verification that we are not inadvertently storing PANs. The options to output text files and choose folders to scan were all very helpful and allowed us to use PANscan efficiently in our environment.