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Webpage Integrity Monitoring (WIM)

Webpage Integrity Monitoring (WIM)

WIM technology helps you detect and prevent formjacking on your ecommerce site.

What is Formjacking and How Can You Detect It?

Formjacking, also known as JavaScript skimming or card skimming, is a type of cyber attack where hackers use JavaScript code to steal payment card data from an e-commerce website. When a site visitor enters their payment card information into a form and hits submit, that malicious code collects the payment card number–as well as other information like the customer’s name, address, and phone number. The code then sends this information to another location of the attackers’ choosing.

The Solution to Formjacking: Webpage Integrity Monitoring

SecurityMetrics’ Webpage Integrity Monitoring (WIM) is a patented technology capable of finding and mitigating malicious code on your website. This is especially important on payment pages where consumers are entering their payment card information. If WIM locates malicious code on your website, it will send out an alert to your staff. By using WIM, you will ensure that your site’s purchase page stays secure.

Webpage Integrity Monitoring Solutions

Webpage Integrity Monitoring technology is used in two products, Shopping Cart Inspect and Shopping Cart Monitor.

  • Shopping Cart Inspect: One time evaluation of shopping cart to determine threats
  • Shopping Cart Monitor: Ongoing evaluation of shopping cart to determine threats

Better Ecommerce Website Security

There is no way for a consumer to detect a formjacking attack while it’s happening, and it’s very difficult for the merchant or payment processor to notice. When the code on an e-commerce shopping cart is compromised, it can go unnoticed for a long time before someone discovers it through manual searching.

What makes WIM different from FIM?

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) tracks changes to the source code and is effective at detecting changes to otherwise unchanging environments, but FIM can’t help you detect changes made once that source code is rendered in a browser.

What makes WIM different from anti-virus?

Anti-virus can alert the customer when their information is posted to a known bad website, but it doesn’t alert the merchant.

What makes WIM different from an ASV scan?

An ASV scan can’t trigger any of the fields in a checkout page form.

FIM, vulnerability scanning, and anti-virus, while still important, aren’t effective at monitoring for vulnerabilities at the moment of checkout in a shopping cart.

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Shopping Cart Inspect software or services provided by SecurityMetrics may be protected by any or all of the following patents and other pending applications: U.S. Patent No. 10,289,836

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