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About Our Call Center

About Our Call Center

We distinguish our company by our premium level of customer service. We have helped over 1 million organizations manage data security and compliance and can help you too.

Compliance and Technical Support are our two main customer service centers.

  • Compliance agents are the educators. They help businesses understand their compliance requirements with the ultimate goal of simplifying the entire process.
  • Technical Support agents are the experts. For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, these agents help customers with account administrate issues and assist customers through their technical data security and compliance questions.

We Simplify

By engaging with an upfront, trained, experienced support agent, our customers don't have to worry about the complexity of data security or technical compliance requirements. Our agents are specifically trained to educate and assist small and medium businesses with their organizational security.By engaging with an upfron

We're Ready Whenever You Are

We understand that business owners are busy, and shouldn't have to wait for answers to PCIHIPAA, and data security questions. Our agents are ready to help every step of the way. Not only do we provide 24/7/365 assistance, but we do it fast. Our average speed to answer incoming phone calls is less than 6 seconds!

We're Different

All too often, customer support means outsourced call centers, 9-5 business hours, or 'press 2 for more options'. While convenient for the company, we know those options just frustrate customers. With the largest in-house call center in the data security and compliance industry, live, thoroughly trained people are ready to assist you with your needs.

We're Global

SecurityMetrics' consultants are a team of global educators. Speaking languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

We're Winners

SecurityMetrics call center has won Utah's coveted Best of State for Best Customer Servicing, the prestigious Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service, and a Bronze Stevie Award for Contact Center of the Year.

We're Nice

Friendly and informative customer service is in our nature. In addition to a service-oriented demeanor, SecurityMetrics hires employees based on an elevated skill set of professionalism, empathy, active listening, professional dialogue, and ability to acknowledge and resolve customer concerns. In fact, 94% of customers describe our representatives as 'friendly'.

We Improve

SecurityMetrics evaluates customer satisfaction with call recordings, escalation percentages, customer surveys, and feedback. Customer service representatives go through weekly audits and coaching to ensure quality and customer excellence, and as a result, our escalation average is less than .009 percent. 

Everyone's Needs Are Different

We have the tools to help you reach compliance and increase PHI security.

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