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Card Data Discovery | PANscan

SecurityMetrics PANscan®

SecurityMetrics PANscan®

Card Data Discovery Simplified

A recent SecurityMetrics study found that 88% of businesses store unencrypted Primary Account Numbers (PANs) on their network. Storing unencrypted information creates liability for you and less work for hackers. Fortunately, SecurityMetrics PANscan runs light on your systems and makes it easy to find out if your organization is storing unencrypted payment card data.

Find Card Data

SecurityMetrics PANscan locates unencrypted payment card data on your devices so that you can securely delete or encrypt it. PANscan identifies primary account numbers and magnetic stripe track data on computer systems, hard drives, and attached storage devices.

PANscan software or services provided by SecurityMetrics may be protected by any or all of the following patents and other pending applications:

  • U.S. Patent No. 10,679,218
  • U.S. Patent No. 10,417,283
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,616,443
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,608,063


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Reduce Your Risk With Data Discovery

Once you have identified the unencrypted payment card data on your devices, you can securely delete or encrypt it. Then patch systems or processes that cause you to store this data. You can also rescan as many times as you would like to ensure that your organization is maintaining a secure data environment. Running PANscan gives your organization the confidence you’re properly handling card data and not inadvertently storing unencrypted payment data.                         

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Secure Your PCI Data

Complying with each PCI requirement can be time-consuming and complicated. Requirement 3 of the PCI Data Security Standard requires that organizations secure cardholder data. Using PANscan saves you time and simplifies the process of identifying and securing unencrypted card data so you can confidently validate compliance.                         

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Panscan Suite Features
Total number of card data found
Files containing card data
Light on system resources
Immediate summary results
Fast Scans (1-3 GB/minute)
Tuned to reduce false positives
Unlimited scanning (per machine)
Technical support
View card type
View track data
View file path to payment card data
Navigation to cardholder data
Mark files as false positives
Specify which drives to scan
Save current results
Clear current results
Exclude image files
Exclude executable files
Online scanning
Offline scanning (optional)
Exclude specific file types
Exclude specific file directories
Scan for specific file types
Scan specific directories
Preserve last access dates
Export text report
Check for spaces/dashes in card numbers
Linux support
Mac support
Data Security/Card Data Discovery/account-reps

Have an expert in your corner

Have an expert in your corner

With an integrated support system, video tutorials, and 24/7 award-winning technical support you will be able to accurately and efficiently locate any unencrypted credit card data residing on your business network.                         

Request a Quote for PANscan

PANscan takes the manual work out of identifying unencrypted payment card data on your systems. It also helps you with PCI DSS requirement 3. Talk to a specialist about how PANscan can help your business. 

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