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Penetration test analysts review a rack server

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Find the root cause of your vulnerabilities.

SecurityMetrics award-winning penetration testers use ethical hacking methodologies to identify your vulnerabilities and minimize your risk, protecting your organization against the most current threats.

Discover Your Vulnerabilities Without Downtime

Pen tests can appear daunting when your main concern is keeping your business and network operations up and running. SecurityMetrics pen testing is system-friendly and won’t interfere with your business. SecurityMetrics Team of Pen Testers identify the root cause of your vulnerabilities and offer advice on establishing preventive security measures and eliminating future problems. By receiving a thorough evaluation of your organization’s internal and external network, you will be able to understand the primary source of your vulnerabilities.

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Take Action to Get Secure: Get the Help of a Certified Ethical Hacker for Penetration Testing

Take Action to Get Secure

Knowing the root cause of your vulnerabilities is the first step to address your network’s issues. SecurityMetrics Pen Test Analysts give you the personal advice you need to remediate and maintain a secure network going forward. Your precise and detailed report contains graphs and tables that explain your vulnerable items, the potential for exploitation, and remediation steps. Save time and focus your efforts by using your SecurityMetrics threat report with step-by-step explanations. Included in your SecurityMetrics penetration test is additional consulting for remediation assistance, security, and the opportunity to retest your system.

Receive a Comprehensive Penetration Test

Thoroughly testing your environment through a manual penetration test helps you identify logic and design flaws that would not be discoverable otherwise. SecurityMetrics Pen Testers undergo rigorous data security best practices training and want to help you get secure, not just check the compliance box. SecurityMetrics will assign you a clear point of contact who will be available to answer your questions and ensure you are fully satisfied with your pen test’s accuracy.

HIPAA Audits Are Simple With SecurityMetrics

Penetration Testing Timeline Steps

SecurityMetrics Award-Winning Penetration Testing Team includes four primary steps and continual assistance, so you don’t have to wonder what comes next. 

Step One of the SecurityMetrics Process

Scheduling and Test Preparation

During this phase, you will experience a pre-engagement conference call covering your pen test needs, methodologies, the scope of your pen test, and pen test date. Closer to your pen test date, you will receive a questionnaire that collects the needed information and documentation. You will then work with your pen tester to ensure your office is prepared for the test and that you won’t experience any downtime.

Step Two of the SecurityMetrics Process

Automated/Manual Testing

SecurityMetrics Pen Testers then attempt to find and exploit your vulnerabilities by using industry-standard methodologies such as target profiling and enumeration, automated testing, service research, and application analysis. SecurityMetrics Pen Testers document everything they find, simplifying remediation.

Step Three of the SecurityMetrics Process

Reporting and Remediation

Within six weeks, you will receive your threat report that includes a narrative of the pen test findings. Once you have analyzed your report, you can work with a SecurityMetrics Pen Tester to receive advice on how to remediate and patch any weaknesses.

Step Four of the SecurityMetrics Process


Once you’ve finished your first remediation phase, a pen test analyst will schedule a retest of your system, checking for proper patching. Unlike many other pen testing firms, SecurityMetrics pen testing includes retesting in your initial quote.

Pentest FAQs

Penetration tests range in price, depending on the size of your network and specific needs. Tests usually range from $15,000 to $30,000. As a general rule, any "pentest" that is listed for less than $4,000 is likely not a real penetration test.

At SecurityMetrics, we have customers who take weeks and some who take a day. Some customers simply need a segmentation test, which isn’t defined by days or hours but rather how long it takes for them to get it finished. It really depends on the complexity of your environment and what your goals are.

Check out the Penetration Testing Timeline Steps above for more details.

There are many industry standards that require a penetration test, including PCI, SOQ, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. There are also elective penetration tests that come after you’ve hardened your system it may be a great time to test how strong your environment is. Remember, if you make significant changes to your environment, you will need to penetration test again.

Sometimes customers call asking about penetration testing and realize they actually just need a vulnerability scan. Vulnerability scans must be performed by someone who is a certified vendor. They are more affordable than a penetration test and completely automated. They focus on finding potential vulnerabilities and identifying them for you, so you can go through the vulnerabilities and make the needed changes to test again. For PCI requirements, you must perform vulnerability scans once every 90 days. 

Penetration testing tries to exploit the found vulnerabilities. Also known as ethical hacking, SecurityMetrics QSAs start with your vulnerability scan and see if they can hack into your network. Penetration testing is much more hands-on and time-consuming, making it much more expensive than vulnerability scanning.

You should look for certain certifications when choosing a pentester. SecurityMetrics QSAs have CISSP and OSCP certifications, where the testers are certified against the standard. SecurityMetrics also holds its own testing program once a year where QSAs go up against their own servers to determine any vulnerabilities and the effective rate of exploiting them. Sometimes penetration testing firms are doing as little as possible to sign you off. SecurityMetrics QSAs want you be safeguarded against threat actors, so they take your pentest seriously.

Certified Ethical Hacking Types

The type of pen test or certified ethical hackers you choose will depend on the areas of your environment you want to address. Here are a few types to consider.

Network Layer Penetration Test

A network pen test is used to locate security issues within your design, implementation, and maintenance of servers, workstations, and network services.

Application Penetration Test

An application pen test discovers security issues resulting from insecure development practices in the design, coding, and publishing of the software.

Segmentation Checks Penetration Test

A segmentation check is used to identify whether there is access into a secure network because of a misconfigured firewall.

Wireless Penetration Test

A wireless pen test can identify misconfigurations of authorized wireless infrastructure and the presence of unauthorized access points.

Reasons To Use SecurityMetrics For Your Penetration Test

Accurate and Understandable Results

Receive facts on every aspect of your pen test through detailed reports that are easily understood by both engineers and business managers.

Follow-up Tests

SecurityMetrics Pen Testers offer follow-up pen tests to help ensure proper remediation and patching.

Straightforward Pricing

SecurityMetrics pricing is simple–your scope is evaluated based on your needs, giving you a custom quote and avoiding unnecessary add-on charges.

Single Point-of-Contact

Communicate with a single point-of-contact for your assessment that quickly responds to your questions and requests.

Educated Security Insights

Learn throughout your pen test how to discover and remediate your vulnerabilities, improve your coding practices, and prevent additional vulnerabilities.

Request a Quote for Penetration Testing

Get a penetration test without costly downtime. Keep your business up and running while talented SecurityMetrics Pentesters ethically hack your environment, identifying vulnerabilities. 

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Penetration Testing

Find the root cause of your vulnerabilities.

Penetration test analysts review a rack server