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HIPAA Compliance Assessment

HIPAA Compliance Assessment

HIPAA Compliance Through the Lens of Cybersecurity.

Show your patients you take their data security seriously by getting a HIPAA compliance assessment from experts with 20+ years of cybersecurity and compliance experience.

HIPAA Assessor inputs the results of the client's assessment.

Feel Confident in your HIPAA Assessment

It’s important to know that your HIPAA assessment is worth the money and will protect your organization from malicious threat actors. SecurityMetrics HIPAA assessors are thorough, focusing on creating a more secure data environment, not just checking for the bare minimum HIPAA requirements.

Get Advice from Experience Auditors

SecurityMetrics assessors have experience with more than just the HIPAA framework including HITRUST, PCI, NIST, GDPR, and more, allowing them to address the big picture of your data security and compliance. You will feel assured that your assessor(s) will have an expert team of qualified security professionals to collaborate and share ideas with, giving you the latest approach to data protection.

HIPAA Assessment Professionals Look at Requirements
HIPAA Assessors observe their assessment results.

Keep Your Patient Data Secure With A Thorough And Organized Approach

When it comes to securing protected health information (PHI), you don’t want to rush through it. A thorough HIPAA assessment takes time, and with our secure file sharing tool, you can track the progress of your assessment and feel confident you're taking care of the necessary steps to secure your organization.


HIPAA (The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) is a federal mandate that, among other things, requires organizations to keep patient data secure.

Compliance requires a myriad of privacy and security actions outlined in the mandate’s specific rules, such as password policy creation, patient data protection, and employee training.

The HHS expects healthcare providers to actively work on their HIPAA compliance and tests them through organizational audits. An entity could be chosen for a HIPAA compliance audit at random or because of a reported breach by an employee or customer.

The best way to prepare for a HIPAA audit is by having an aggressive and fully functional HIPAA compliance program already in place. You can perform a ‘mock’ audit by enlisting an experienced and knowledgeable third party to follow the HHS audit protocol.

If you are found in violation of HIPAA, both the HHS and state attorney generals can levy fines against you. In fact, the HHS assesses fees of up to $50,000 per day per violation.

If noncompliance leads to a breach, you are required by law to notify the HHS, your patients, and, if more than 500 records are involved, the media. This could severely damage brand equity and publicly embarrass your organization.

Here are a few data breach costs, fines, and penalties you may not have considered:

  • HHS fines: up to $1.5 million/violation/year
  • FTC fines: $16,000/violation
  • Class action lawsuits: $1,000/record
  • State attorneys general: $150,000 – $6.8 million
  • Patient loss: 40%
  • Free credit monitoring for affected individuals: $10-$30/record
  • ID theft monitoring: $10-$30/record
  • Lawyer fees: $2,000+
  • Breach notification costs: $1,000+
  • Business associate changes: $5,000+
  • Technology repairs: $2,000+

Contact the HHS immediately following discovery of the breach, and they’ll tell you what to do next. You can report a breach here

SecurityMetrics helps healthcare entities achieve lasting HIPAA compliance.

We offer a guided HIPAA Risk Analysis (the first and most important step toward compliance), HIPAA compliance, HIPAA audits, HIPAA policy templates, HIPAA training, and other security services.

Top Reasons To Use SecurityMetrics For HIPAA Audits

A Better Audit Experience

Your experience as a SecurityMetrics HIPAA assessment customer is vital, which is why SecurityMetrics assessors strive to be accurate, experienced, easy to work with, and responsive to your needs. Clients enjoy working with SecurityMetrics assessors so much that the majority of customers return for security assessments the following year.


Improve Security And Reduce Costs

By analyzing your unique workflows and data paths, SecurityMetrics assessors help to establish more efficient arrangements for your data environment to improve PHI security and remove costly, unnecessary steps from the process.


Your Partner In Compliance

SecurityMetrics assessors offer a unique blend of compliance, security, and workflow experience to efficiently drive results. Where other assessors act as a bottleneck, our assessors work with you as a team to reduce friction on your path toward HIPAA compliance.


Complete HIPAA Assessment Solution

A thorough and accurate HIPAA compliance assessment consists of many individual components and activities. When these individual pieces aren't designed to work together, deadlines are missed, and vulnerabilities are overlooked. Our risk assessment process, gap analysis, penetration tests, and other tools are designed to work together to reduce friction on your path toward HIPAA compliance.


Request a Quote for HIPAA Audit

HIPAA compliance is complex and tricky. Enlist experienced SecurityMetrics HIPAA Assessors who can help you on your journey to compliance and protecting patient data.

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