Increase visibility into your business security


SecurityMetrics Pulse

SecurityMetrics Pulse

Gain visibility into your attack surfaces and detect compromise.

SecurityMetrics Pulse lightens your workload by securing your business locations and detecting compromise.

Gain Increased Network Visibility

Pulse discovers threats attacking your locations so you can take action and stop a breach. Pulse uses sensors placed in and around your organization’s attack surfaces. Using these sensors, Pulse provides you with visibility and actionable insights.  

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Raise Confidence in Your Security

With assistance from experienced Threat Intelligence Analysts, you can strategically plan how to strengthen your extended network. SecurityMetrics Threat Analysts consistently study new cyber threat trends and solutions. Your IT or security team can also leverage SecurityMetrics’ 20 years of data security knowledge to get expert advice and problem solving techniques.

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Monthly Pulse Security Review

Using valuable data from the SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center, Threat Analysts create a custom, prioritized action list for your monthly report. Your report also includes:

  • Your total number of vulnerabilities

  • Your most-compromised locations

  • The risk level of your threats 

  • Top vulnerabilities based on location such as: 

    • Outdated software/services

    • Design flaws

    • Network misconfiguration

    • Unsupported OS 

Because your exposure and risk report details which specific vulnerabilities pose the most danger to your network, you can anticipate network attacks and take preventive action. Threat actors are using cutting edge tactics to compromise organizations, and it’s challenging to set aside the required time to identify your network’s cyber threats. Pulse uses superior SIEM technology to detect, monitor, and hunt cyber threats 24/7, so you can focus on remediation.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center

The SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center is committed to finding real solutions to attack trends. Threat Intelligence Center Analysts (Threat Analysts) take your network’s data or findings, analyze it, and create actionable plans to prevent data breaches. Several teams of cybersecurity experts work together to analyze your data, including the SecurityMetrics: 

These teams combine their knowledge with SecurityMetrics technology such as Data Discovery Scan, Shopping Cart Inspect, Shopping Cart Monitor, and Internal/External vulnerability scanning to give you unparalleled threat intelligence insight.  

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Reasons to Use SecurityMetrics Pulse

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24/7 Location Monitoring

SecurityMetrics Pulse monitors around the clock to analyze all of your system and location traffic, including satellite and extended networks.



Understand Your Threats

The SecurityMetrics Pulse report provides details of suspicious traffic going in and out of the network, allowing you to discover known bad IPs accessing your network and which ports have the most traffic.


Focus on Identified Vulnerabilities

SecurityMetrics Pulse uses SIEM tools to identify which vulnerabilities are the most pervasive across your network, helping you prioritize your security efforts and saving you time.

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Best-In-Class SIEM Solution

Using the best SIEM solutions, the SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center gathers your potential security incidents for review, adding contextual analysis to your threats, and then categorizes and ranks your vulnerabilities.

Reliable Experience

With over 20 years of data security experience, SecurityMetrics has advised some of the world’s largest brands to help secure over a million systems. Using their extensive experience, SecurityMetrics Analysts can give you the answers and solutions you need.

Further Your Resources

Your security or IT team is busy. By leveraging SecurityMetrics Threat Analysts’ expertise, your team can focus on remediation efforts, getting more done.

Key Product Features

Monthly, Centralized Reports

The executive-level summary report includes:  

  1. A rating of your network security health based on the risk level of identified vulnerabilities. 
  2. A list of all your locations and which ones are sending data to the Threat Intelligence Center. 
  3. A risk breakdown of newly discovered, persistent, and resolved vulnerabilities.
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Monthly Vulnerability Assessment Scanning

SecurityMetrics Pulse scans your locations both externally and internally, identifying which points of your network are vulnerable. This can include misconfigured firewalls, malware hazards, and remote access vulnerabilities. Results of these scans are scored according to the CVSS. This data is then analyzed in the SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center to identify indicators of compromise.

Prioritized Vulnerability List

SecurityMetrics Pulse focuses your security efforts. Vulnerabilities discovered through various sensors are compiled into a ranked action list by a SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center Analyst. The prioritized list outlines the total number of your vulnerabilities and the most-compromised locations, segmented by threat level. Your top vulnerabilities at each location are also identified, ranked by risk, and organized into the following categories: outdated software/services, design flaws, network misconfigurations, and unsupported OS.

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Optional Managed Firewall

If you are looking to reinforce your first line of defense, SecurityMetrics Managed Cisco Meraki Firewall takes care of your day-to-day firewall maintenance and sends your firewall log data to the SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center. Pulse provides a single portal, offering a firewall status report to save you from manually tracking each of your location’s security. The SecurityMetrics Managed Firewall team supports and monitors your firewall, notifying you of any issues.  

If you prefer to use your own firewall, SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center Analysts can utilize logs from your preferred firewall vendor.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophos endpoint security protects your locations from malware, ransomware, exploits, and viruses. Sophos Intercept X uses anti-ransomware technology to detect malicious encryption processes and stop them from spreading across your network. Your Sophos data is sent to the SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center to enhance your attack trend analysis.

Compromised Network Identification and Notification

Pulse sensors collect background data, including scan, firewall, and endpoint data, to keep your operations up and running. Your network data is reported and reviewed by a Cyber Threat Intelligence Center Analyst. If one of your locations is ever compromised, you will receive an alert and details on the next steps necessary for remediation.

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Here's what you need to know about us

We are a PCI certified Qualified P2PE Assessor (P2PE QSA), Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), Certified Forensic Investigator (PFI), and Managed Security provider with 20 years of data security experience. From local shops to some of the world’s largest brands, we help all businesses achieve data security through managed services and compliance mandates (PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST GDPR). We have tested over 1 million systems for data security and compliance.

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