Find out how to secure your shopping cart

Shopping Cart Monitor

Shopping Cart Monitor

Monitor your shopping cart for webpage skimming.

Shopping Cart Protection

SecurityMetrics Shopping Cart Monitor is an automated inspection of public-facing web page code on shopping cart URLs. This inspection looks for formjacking or eskimming attacks and notifies you about high-priority threats. If skimming attacks are identified, you will be alerted and given pertinent details on the attack. Using SecurityMetrics Shopping Cart Monitor you can scan for malicious javascript weekly, daily, or hourly, allowing you to effectively improve your ecommerce security.

Non-Intrusive Scanning

As a business owner, the last thing you need is to have your website offline for remediation after experiencing a skimming attack. The SecurityMetrics Shopping Cart Monitor process is entirely non-intrusive. Your website receives a scan without compromising your site’s speed or your customer experience.

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Customizable Notifications

Shopping Cart Monitor helps you avoid the clutter of too many alerts. You can create custom rule sets to avoid trivial notifications, such as whitelisting known safe code snippets and IPs. 

Avoid manual examination of changes to your shopping cart’s code by being immediately alerted to new additions or changes. Notifications are prioritized as high to medium risk vulnerabilities, allowing you to focus on your most pertinent risks.

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Regular Alerts and Support

When a skimming attack is found, it is crucial to understand its impact on your website. You are alerted if compromises to your website security are discovered. To assist your remediation, you receive:

  • A segmented list of unresolved, ignored, and resolved threat indicators, helping you stay organized as you work to keep your site safe.
  • Expert remediation recommendations and techniques. 
  • Reliable 24/7 technical support, answering your concerns and questions. 

The SecurityMetrics Monitor report gives you detailed information and support to fix your website’s high-risk vulnerabilities.

Top Reasons to Use SecurityMetrics Shopping Cart Monitor

Automated Inspection

SecurityMetrics Shopping Cart Monitor inspects your public-facing web page code on your shopping cart URL in an hourly, daily, or weekly cadence. Monitor detects skimming attacks on your ecommerce website and alerts you of any changes to your checkout process.

Segmented Lists of Threat Indicators

SecurityMetrics Shopping Cart Monitor creates a segmented list of unresolved, ignored, and resolved threat indicators. Monitor sends you notification of high-priority threats, clearly outlining which vulnerabilities are most important.  

User-Friendly Software

Using a push-button start or stop scanning, you can scan multiple pages at a time. Monitor also allows you to see your scan history to resolve problems on your own time, as they arise.  

24/7 Technical Support

With 24/7 technical support aiding your remediation efforts, you can efficiently find and fix your vulnerabilities. SecurityMetrics representatives can help guide you through your Monitor notifications, answering any questions you may have.

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