Find out what you need to be EI3PA compliant

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EI3PA Certification

EI3PA Certification

Meet Your EI3PA Audit Deadline, The First Time.

Similar to PCI DSS audits, the Experian Independent Third Party Assessment (EI3PA Assessment) follows 12 requirements that help organizations determine whether they appropriately safeguard credit history data. SecurityMetrics helps organizations that handle any credit history data received from the credit bureau Experian to comply with EI3PA audit requirements.

The EI3PA standard is based on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements. SecurityMetrics Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) guide you through the assessment and various requirements providing best practice methodologies and time-saving advice along the way.


Pre Onsite Gap Analysis

Before our audit team meets you and your staff in person, they conduct a remote gap analysis to help you prepare appropriate documentation on processes, training, data flows, etc. and help discover any major issues that would prevent you from a passing EI3PA assessment.

Onsite Assessment

The EI3PA Assessment is based on compliance standards found in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). SecurityMetrics is industry leading in its audit process and methodology. The team is never overbooked and makes sure they can provide you with the appropriate attention your specific situation needs. SecurityMetrics Experian Independent Third Party Assessments help you:

  • Secure credit history data
  • Reach compliance goals to avoid fines
  • Build long-lasting security policies and practices
  • Manage and track compliance efforts throughout the year
  • Reduce overall compliance costs through pre audit preparation activities

Audit Remediation

After the initial onsite audit, SecurityMetrics QSAs make themselves available to help advise on best practices to recover from discovered vulnerabilities in your data security program. They also help advise on policies and procedures that will help bring you into compliance with the standard.

EI3PA Compliance Report

After all remediation items have been resolved and proof has been provided, SecurityMetrics Audit team creates a compliance report that’s ready to be submitted to Experian. The team also makes themselves available to clarify any requested items or further documentation upon report submission.

Top Reasons to Use SecurityMetrics for EI3PA Compliance

Focused On Helping You Meet Deadlines

Leveraging over a decade of security audit experience, SecurityMetrics' auditing services provide a thorough and efficient solution for your EI3PA compliance certification. Our fully supported solution consists of tools and processes that allow you to secure payment data and meet organizational compliance deadlines.

Satisfaction That Will Make You Return Year After Year

SecurityMetrics assessors are accurate, experienced, easy to work with, and responsive to your needs. Clients enjoy working with SecurityMetrics assessors so much that over 90% of customers return for compliance certification the following year.

Conduct an Accurate Risk Assessment

Conducting a risk assessment is required as part of your EI3PA Audit. SecurityMetrics assessors are able to perform a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-30 Risk Assessment, one of the suggested frame works in the EI3PA standard.

A Partner In EI3PA Compliance

SecurityMetrics assessors offer a unique blend of compliance, security, and workflow experience to efficiently drive results. Where other assessors act as a bottleneck, our assessors work with you as a team to create the shortest path possible to an accurate and complete EI3PA audit.

Complete EI3PA Audit Solution

A thorough and accurate EI3PA audit consists of many individual components and activities. When these individual pieces aren't designed to work together, efficiencies are lost, deadlines are missed, and vulnerabilities are overlooked. Our consulting services, gap analysis, penetration tests and other tools are designed to work together to provide a fluid and accurate solution to Experian’s audit requirements.

Improve Security And Reduce Costs

By analyzing your unique workflows and data paths, SecurityMetrics assessors help to establish more efficient arrangements for your data environment to improve credit history security and remove costly, unnecessary steps from the process.

No Surprise Pricing

To help you fulfill Experian’s EI3PA requirements we determine the scope of the work and provide you with a custom price quote for the assessment. There are no hidden charges, no add-on fees, and no onsite hourly charges. SecurityMetrics gives you one custom price that won't change. 


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Request a Quote for EI3PA Compliance