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Comprehensive Audits Done On Schedule

You have deadlines. We have solutions. Our experienced audit team uses a project management tool to track all dates, files, PCI requirements, project progress, communication with your Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), and all other aspects of your PCI assessment. Our process and tools ensure a timely, affordable, and complete PCI DSS audit experience.

Pathway to PCI DSS Compliance


Pre Onsite Gap Analysis


Onsite assessment


Remediation Assistance


PCI Report on Compliance (ROC)

Pre Onsite Gap Analysis

Our friendly and knowledgeable QSAs complete an initial gap analysis of your organization's compliance status. After the gap analysis is completed, feedback and remediation checklist items will be shared with you in our online project management tool. The tool helps you stay organized, communicate and track assignments, and guides your efforts to close your compliance gaps and prepare for your onsite compliance validation assessment.

Onsite assessment

PCI DSS Onsite Assessments determine the data security posture of your organization. Your QSA will make an in-person visit to your location to assess and collect evidence of compliance to the PCI DSS. Businesses must demonstrate compliance with all PCI DSS requirements annually. SecurityMetrics onsite assessments help you:

  • Secure your card data environment
  • Finish your assessment on time
  • Reach compliance goals to avoid fines
  • Build long-lasting security policies and practices
  • Manage and track compliance efforts throughout the year
  • Reduce overall compliance costs

Remediation Assistance

We understand that PCI validation absorbs time, money, and other resources that could be used to grow your business. Our QSAs work with you to fix areas of non-compliance and expedite the retesting process to ensure a timely assessment.

PCI Report on Compliance (ROC)

Once your PCI audit is complete and compliance requirements have been met, SecurityMetrics QSAs write and submit the ROC to the PCI Council. Our QSAs act as your advocate and work directly with the Council to clarify any issues or provide additional information to complete your PCI compliance certification.

Top Reasons to use SecurityMetrics for PCI Compliance

  • Focused on helping you meet deadlines

    Leveraging over 15 years of security audit experience with our project management tool, SecurityMetrics' auditing services provide a thorough and efficient solution for your PCI compliance certification. Our tools and processes allow you to secure payment data and meet organizational compliance deadlines. Our experience has allowed us to organize the audit process, find gaps and offer remediations faster, and keep audits on track to finish on time.
  • Satisfaction that will make you return year after year

    SecurityMetrics assessors are accurate, experienced, easy to work with, and responsive to your needs. Clients enjoy working with SecurityMetrics assessors so much that the majority return for compliance certification the following year.
  • Conduct an Accurate Risk Assessment

    Conducting a risk assessment is required as part of your PCI DSS Audit. SecurityMetrics assessors are certified to perform a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-30 Risk Assessment, one of the suggested frameworks in the PCI standard.
  • A partner in compliance

    SecurityMetrics assessors offer a unique blend of compliance, security, and workflow experience to efficiently drive results. Where other assessors act as a bottleneck, our assessors work as members of your team to create the shortest path possible to an accurate and complete PCI audit.
  • Complete PCI audit solution

    A thorough and accurate PCI audit consists of many individual components and activities. When these individual pieces aren't designed to work together, efficiencies are lost, deadlines are missed, and vulnerabilities are overlooked. Our consulting services, gap analysis, penetration tests, external vulnerability scans and other tools are designed to work together to provide a fluid and accurate solution to PCI audit requirements.
  • Improve Security And Increase Value

    By analyzing your unique workflows and data paths, SecurityMetrics assessors help to establish more efficient arrangements for your data environment to improve payment card security and remove costly, unnecessary steps from the process.
  • No surprise pricing

    SecurityMetrics PCI DSS audit pricing is simple-we determine the scope of the work and provide you with a custom price quote for the assessment. There are no hidden charges, no add-on fees, and no onsite hourly charges. SecurityMetrics gives you one custom price that won't change.

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PCI audit Silver Info Security Global Excellence Award

Best PCI DSS Compliance Service

Info Security Global Excellence Award, 2015

Here's what our customers are saying

SecurityMetrics is an integral part of the team in our PCI program. We depend on the assessors to make sure that we stay on the compliance track. They do it with developing relationships across campus, discussing upcoming projects or application changes, and being available to us for consulting. They are knowledgeable, helpful and help us keep the campus engaged by their friendly demeanors.

Robbyn Lennon, Sr. Program Coordinator, University of Arizona

Our experience with SecurityMetrics, from initial discussions, to planning, to implementation was very well organized, detailed, and ultimately achieved our PCI directive in the shortest timeframe possible. SecurityMetrics worked diligently and respectfully throughout the process – even working over what was expected to ensure SuitePay met its goals.

Matthew Hetland, SuitePay

You guys made our PCI audit as easy as pie for us and anytime we had any sort of issue or problem...My team and I had an amazing learning experience with this whole process and Dustin with the rest of the SecurityMetrics team made a potentially very stressful situation into a smoothly executed project. My most sincere thanks.


SecurityMetrics is the most retail friendly solution. At the small business level, frequently the person that has to interface with the tool is an owner or someone who has financial responsibility, but they may not necessary be technically savvy with using online tools. We believe SecurityMetrics meets that need better than anyone else we've seen.

Steve Methvin, Bozzutos

After dealing with a number of QSA auditors, we found SecurityMetrics offered the most helpful and practical PCI advisement. We are delighted to work with them as we continue to strengthen our PCI environment.


We are a UK-based company, but our operations are in Italy. When we looked for a QSA we had few challenges to find "the right" partner, since we had few issues to overcome: English language, no PCI DSS knowledge, time zone etc. It was critical to partner with a company that has a "partnership" attitude rather than "assessor" attitude. SecurityMetrics has guided us with a straightforward framework since the first day, and supplied several example of documents, which were very useful. Once we achieved the PCI DSS accreditation, the assessors were still there to answer for any query we needed.

Anonymous Payment Processor

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