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PCI Audit

PCI Audit

Get informed about PCI v4.0 so you can meet your PCI deadlines

SecurityMetrics is determined to make your PCI assessment experience as simple as possible by prioritizing clear communication and meeting deadlines.

PCI Assessment FAQs

If you involve a third-party QSA, this likely means you have a more complex environment or more transactions.

If it’s your first time receiving a PCI audit, you are likely looking at a three-month to a year-long process, depending on readiness. This is due to the discovery process and the significant change it presents to your environment.

There are also customers who have tight deadlines and who are willing to do the hard work of preparation and may be closer to the three-month mark.

You need 11.2 and 11.3 requirements in hand in order to pass your audit. To pass, you need four quarter scans and for these to meet compliance requirements. Your audit is done to help you continuously get quarterly passing scans. Make sure you are using an approved scanning vendor for your scans and follow up quickly if you fail a scan.

A PCI assessment can range widely in cost. On the low end, a PCI audit can cost 16-18K. Audits can also cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on how many locations you have, how many parties need to be audited, how complex your network is, and so forth.

Even a short call with a SecurityMetrics representative can give you a more accurate estimate of what a PCI audit would cost you.

Sometimes people think that if they have the right solution, they will be PCI compliant. No matter what solution you choose, you will still be missing requirements, even if you use point-to-point encryption.

Depending on which SAQ you are, there are even more requirements. Your staff will also need systems in place to help them meet policies and procedures.

Full-Service PCI Expertise

SecurityMetrics holds credentials in all aspects of PCI compliance, including PCI DSS assessments, PA-DSS assessments, P2PE assessments, PIN assessments, forensic incident response, ASV scanning, penetration testing, card data discovery, security appliances, security training, and consulting. With an in-depth understanding of the PCI landscape and assessment methods, you can experience responsive guidance before, during, and after your PCI assessment.

Organized and On Schedule PCI Assessment

A looming PCI DSS assessment deadline can be stressful. A disorganized or rushed process can significantly hinder the quality of your audit. Reliable coordination between your organization and assessor is crucial to your PCI DSS assessment success. SecurityMetrics’ audit coordinator adds assignments to the project management tool, keeping your audit details organized and on schedule.

Valid and Accurate Assessment

Feel confident in your PCI assessment, knowing that SecurityMetrics QSAs continuously study the latest security trends. SecurityMetrics QSAs have completed thousands of PCI DSS audits over the years. SecurityMetrics auditors have experience with more than just the PCI framework including NIST, HITRUST, Ei3pa, SOC, and more, allowing them to address the big picture of your data security and compliance.

Clearly Communicated Audit Experience

Getting quick answers to your questions and concerns can help you resolve your issues faster. SecurityMetrics’ audit team is centrally located (Utah), allowing auditors to quickly consult and work together to solve complex compliance issues. The SecurityMetrics audit team’s collective experience allows them to give you the best advice for your unique problems.


PCI Assessment Timeline Steps

SecurityMetrics QSAs have performed over 2000 audits, mastering the process to give you an efficient and comprehensive audit.

Step One of the SecurityMetrics Process

Pre-Onsite Gap Analysis

During this phase, knowledgeable SecurityMetrics QSAs complete an initial gap analysis of your organization's compliance status. After the gap analysis is completed, feedback and remediation checklist items will be shared with you in our online project management tool. The tool helps you stay organized, communicate and track assignments, and guides your efforts to close your compliance gaps and prepare for your onsite compliance validation assessment.

Step Two of the SecurityMetrics Process

Onsite Assessment

PCI DSS Onsite Assessments determine the data security posture of your organization. Your QSA will make an in-person visit to your location to assess and collect evidence of compliance to the PCI DSS. Businesses must demonstrate compliance with all PCI DSS requirements annually. SecurityMetrics onsite assessments help you secure your card data environment, finish your assessment on time, and reach compliance goals to avoid fines.


Step Three of the SecurityMetrics Process

Remediation and Retesting

If your PCI validation is delayed, you could lose time, money, and other valuable resources. SecurityMetrics QSAs work with you to fix areas of non-compliance, expediting the retesting process to ensure a timely assessment.


Step Four of the SecurityMetrics Process

ROC Submission and Certification

Once your PCI assessment is complete and compliance requirements have been met, SecurityMetrics QSAs write and submit the ROC to the PCI Council. SecurityMetrics QSAs act as your advocate, working directly with the Council to clarify any issues or provide additional information to complete your PCI compliance certification.


Reasons To Use SecurityMetrics For Your PCI Audit

Track your Audit Process

With up-to-date information provided in the project management tool by your PCI DSS assessment coordinator, you can stay aware of your PCI assessment details. You can also add as many users to the project as you’d like and give them a certain level of access.


Multiple Project Views

If you have multiple engagements, it’s important to keep track of all aspects of your PCI audit. SecurityMetrics allows you to track your project progress in multiple views, helping you stay on top of every new update.



Complete Audit Solution

A SecurityMetrics PCI assessment is a one-stop place to upload your documents, make comments, and receive timely feedback from your QSA.


Custom Price Quote

Instead of paying for a standard onsite assessment price, your cost should reflect your data security needs. SecurityMetrics personalizes each quote to maximize your service while minimizing your cost.


Quick Response Time

When you encounter a PCI compliance problem, you need a quick response. SecurityMetrics QSAs pride themselves on their fast response time and ability to effectively provide solutions for your business needs.


Best Practice Experts

Since the establishment of the PCI DSS in 2004, SecurityMetrics has participated in Special Interest Groups responsible for defining PCI DSS requirements, updates, and best practices.


Secure Your Environment

SecurityMetrics QSAs look beyond the compliance check box by focusing on truly securing your environment from a data breach.



Request a Quote for PCI DSS Audit

Simplify your audit process with knowledgable SecurityMetrics PCI assessors, who have over 20 years of experience in the PCI realm and can help you secure your payment card data. 

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