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PIN Assessment Overview

The PIN program is required for companies involved in processing PIN transactions. Typically, this involves acquirers as well as companies that act as a gateway between the acquirer and the issuer processing a PIN transaction for encryption service providers. The purpose of a PIN assessment is to assess if an organization is securely handing the encryption of PINs in their transactions, such as POS devices, where customers enter their PINs. Businesses that need to have PIN assessments are a small subset of those who fall under the PCI umbrella.

Process Overview

SecurityMetrics PCI PIN Audit helps you meet PCI PIN security requirements by guiding you through a consulting, pre-audit, and onsite phase. SecurityMetrics simplifies your PIN audit experience by assisting with remediation and submitting your final validation report for you.

PCI PIN Security Requirements Process

The PIN assessment process begins with a gap analysis to determine the work that needs to be done. This initial process includes a consulting phase and a pre-audit phase where you are prepared for the on-site assessment. Your scope is discussed, and all the logistical details of the assessment are determined. Then you would experience the onsite PIN assessment phase.

Finally, you enter the remediation phase, where you are guided through becoming PIN compliant. The PIN assessment process finishes when SecurityMetrics submits your final validation report. Card brands require that assessments are performed every two years. 

Get the Attention Your Assessment Deserves

SecurityMetrics QPAs are never overbooked, allowing you to get the proper attention your audit requires. With step-by-step guidance, you will receive education and answers to your questions from expert QPAs. Each portion of your PCI PIN Assessment will be assessed and reviewed thoroughly. QPAs guide you through your PIN assessment preparation, onsite assessment, data flow processes, key-management processes, and solution remediation. You will also receive any assistance you need to submit your final PIN assessment report on validation submission to the card brands

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Individualized, Adaptive Service

Get an accurate and comprehensive assessment from experienced, easy to work with QPAs.  Remediation assistance is also provided once sources of non-compliance are located. SecurityMetrics QPAs have decades of PCI experience and will work with you to create logical solutions for your business. With step-by-step guidance, you will feel confident in your PIN Assessment experience.

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Full-Service PCI Expertise

SecurityMetrics is one of a few companies who hold credentials in all aspects of PCI DSS compliance. SecurityMetrics data security professionals have expertise in: 

With an in-depth understanding of the PCI landscape and assessment methods, you can experience responsive guidance before, during, and after your PIN assessment.

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Four Step Process

Simple PIN Assessment Process

SecurityMetrics has developed a smooth and easy PIN assessment process that focuses on responsiveness and timeliness.

Remediation Assistance

SecurityMetrics doesn't just tell you if your payment application is compliant. Our QPAs work with you to patch non-compliant items and help guide your payment platform into PCI PIN compliance.

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Let's Partner For Your Compliance And Data Security

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Experienced And Approachable QPAs

SecurityMetrics' QPAs have an in-depth understanding of the PCI landscape and effective PCI assessment methods. Unlike other vendors that rely on assembly line assessments passed from auditor to auditor, SecurityMetrics assigns your organization a dedicated assessor to provide expert guidance during your PIN validation efforts.


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Step-By-Step Guidance

SecurityMetrics QPAs review and assess each portion of your PIN Assessment while also educating you about the process. QPAs will guide you through assessment preparation, your onsite assessment, and your final validation report. 

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Straightforward Pricing

SecurityMetrics pricing is simple–your scope is evaluated based on your needs, giving you a custom quote and avoiding unnecessary add-on charges.




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Meet Your Deadlines

SecurityMetrics QPAs know you have an impending deadline to be listed as PCI compliant. All assessors will perform your assessment as quickly as possible while still maintaining thoroughness. 

Here's what you need to know about us

We are a PCI certified Qualified P2PE Assessor (P2PE QSA), Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), Certified Forensic Investigator (PFI), and Managed Security provider with 20 years of data security experience. From local shops to some of the world’s largest brands, we help all businesses achieve data security through managed services and compliance mandates (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR). We have tested over 1 million systems for data security and compliance.

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Request a Quote for a PIN Audit

Get started on your path towards PIN compliance and get a unique quote for your business. Our team takes time to understand your situation, timeline, and specific needs. 

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