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Your business is only as secure as its weakest link

Get comprehensive security training to protect business data and avoid employee actions that might lead to compromise.

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Discusses security threats, safe computing practices, password guidelines, and safe mobile computing. After the course, students will be required to complete a summary quiz to check understanding.

Course Outline: Data Security Awareness

Lesson 1: Understanding Security Threats

  • Types of information security threats
  • Examples of social engineering
  • Examples of malware
  • Malware warning signs

Lesson 2: Practicing Safe Computing

  • Password guidelines
  • Email and internet best practices
  • Instant messenger
  • System protection software

Lesson 3: Protecting Data

  • Date classifications
  • Data storage and retention
  • File transfers via FTP
  • System backup

Lesson 4: Practicing Safe Remote and Mobile Computing

  • Working in public places
  • Protecting mobile computing and communications devices
  • Public wireless connections
  • Wireless connections at home
  • Remote access to company network
  • Traveling securely

Lesson 5: Protecting Physical Security

  • Securing work areas and resources
  • Badges
  • Access control
  • Emergency preparation

Discusses how to identify security threats, physical security safeguards, and safe computing practices. After the course, students will be required to complete a summary quiz to check understanding.

Course Outline: Security Basics

Lesson 1: Understanding Threats

  • Types of threats
  • Your responsibilities

Lesson 2: Physical Security

  • Physical security threats
  • Security work areas and resources
  • Access controls

Lesson 3: Computer Security

  • Electronic threats
  • Social engineering
  • Password guidelines
  • Electronic safeguards
  • Electronic communications

Lesson 4: Course Summary and Next Steps

  • Assessment (tracked for compliance)
  • Security resources and links

Top reasons to partner with SecurityMetrics for Security Training

Up-to-date content on cyber security training

Real life security awareness training examples and applications

High engagement and interaction

Security training completion management

Just as your organization's healthcare practices must be kept up-to-date to effectively treat patients, employees must be trained on current security issues and solutions to effectively secure your organization.
Our trainings provide palpable examples, applications, and stories that your employees can relate to and learn from.
Most employees don't look forward to a day full of training. Our trainings were created to be highly engaging and interactive to increase the level of information retention and organization-wide application.
It's important to know which employees have completed their training, and when. SecurityMetrics HIPAA Training allows you to easily monitor training completion, renewal deadlines, and training quiz scores.

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