Discover vulnerabilities across all your locations

SecurityMetrics Pulse provides visibility into the unseen areas of your extended network cyber security. Pulse discovers threats against your locations so you can take action against them and stop a data breach before it happens. Using Pulse, you can have confidence in your cyber security plan.

Discover Vulnerabilities Across Your Attack Surfaces

Discover what threatens your network through scanning, data collection, and analysis. Pulse uses sensors placed in and around the attack surfaces at your organization’s different locations to monitor traffic and check for vulnerabilities.

Take Action Against The Vulnerabilities

Once the top vulnerabilities have been identified, Pulse provides a summary that prioritizes your most critical vulnerabilities and compromised locations, saving you and your employees from having to sift through the information to identify them manually.

Have Confidence In Your Extended Network Security

The Pulse report provides a summary that outlines the total number of discovered vulnerabilities and your most vulnerable locations segmented by threat level. Using this report, you can track which locations are (or aren’t) progressing in their vulnerability remediation so you can focus your efforts on securing your most vulnerable locations.