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Choosing an MSSP

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Choosing an MSSP

“What is managed security? It’s about trusting your business to someone else.”

Whether you call it outsourcing, partnering, or hiring, choosing an MSSP is a decision that can seriously affect a business. SecurityMetrics Director of SIEM Operations and SecurityMetrics News Host, Matt “Heff” Heffelfinger, talked with Host and Principal Security Analyst Jen Stone (MCIS, CISSP, CISA, QSA) about the many factors that go into choosing the right security firm for your business. 

With experience at General Electric, NBC, and TJ Maxx, Heff’s breadth of knowledge and experience allow him to see threats in the long term and help you avoid problems down the road.

Listen to learn:

  • Types of managed security (MDR versus MSSP) and what they do

  • How to determine the security services your business needs

  • Resources to help you ask the right questions, create better contracts, maintain or end relationships, and get the most from your MSSP

How to Choose the Right MSSP for Your Small to Medium Business

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