Are You Ready for a PCI v4.0 Audit?

In this demo, Jason Leland, Director of Enterprise Sales, and Brian Cole, Enterprise Sales Manager will discuss how to make sure you pass your next PCI audit, including:

  • How SecurityMetrics prepares its customers for a successful PCI 4.0 assessment
  • Tools to help address new PCI v4.0 requirements
  • Why it’s important to find an assessor that’s available to you throughout the year


Jason Leland

Director of Enterprise Sales


Brian Cole

Enterprise Sales Manager

Reasons To Use SecurityMetrics For Your PCI Audit

Track your Audit Process

With up-to-date information provided in the project management tool by your PCI Audit coordinator, you can stay aware of your PCI audit details. You can also add as many users to the project as you’d like and give them a certain level of access.


Multiple Project Views

If you have multiple engagements, it’s important to keep track of all aspects of your PCI audit. SecurityMetrics allows you to track your project progress in multiple views, helping you stay on top of every new update.



Complete Audit Solution

A SecurityMetrics PCI audit is a one-stop place to upload your documents, make comments, and receive timely feedback from your QSA.


Custom Price Quote

Instead of paying for a standard onsite assessment price, your cost should reflect your data security needs. SecurityMetrics personalizes each quote to maximize your service while minimizing your cost.


Quick Response Time

When you encounter a PCI compliance problem, you need a quick response. SecurityMetrics QSAs pride themselves on their fast response time and ability to effectively provide solutions for your business needs.


Best Practice Experts

Since the establishment of the PCI DSS in 2004, SecurityMetrics has participated in Special Interest Groups responsible for defining PCI DSS requirements, updates, and best practices.


Secure Your Environment

SecurityMetrics QSAs look beyond the compliance check box by focusing on truly securing your environment from a data breach.



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