Why Partner With SecurityMetrics?

Minimize portfolio risk, achieve financial goals, and increase merchant value with SecurityMetrics PCI compliance programs.

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What is the SecurityMetrics Partner+ Portal? 

The SecurityMetrics Partner+ Portal lets you view your entire merchant compliance portfolio so you can quickly monitor your merchants’ enrollment and compliance information.

Who is the SecurityMetrics Partner+ Portal for?

SecurityMetrics Partner+ Portal is for Acquirers and ISOs who want to quickly and efficiently maintain their merchant base’s compliance. If you are an acquirer or ISO, you know how vital it is to help your merchants maintain compliance in a simple, direct way. SecurityMetrics Partner+ Portal takes the stress out of PCI compliance by helping you keep your merchants organized and on-track for compliance.

What are the Benefits of the SecurityMetrics Partner+ Portal?

The SecurityMetrics Partner+ Portal provides the most advanced PCI management functionality to ensure you:

  • Reach your level four program goals by receiving a higher merchant value, while freeing you up to focus on your business. 

  • Reduce your work by identifying where your merchants stand and creating custom reports. 

  • Make your merchants happy by increasing SAQ scoping accuracy and reducing merchant frustration.