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HIPAA Training Video: Essential Healthcare Compliance Training

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Employees are forgetful. Training helps them remember important security practices.

If you think your workforce members know how to secure patient data, you are sadly mistaken. Would it surprise you to learn that most breaches originate from healthcare workforce members?

Thieves can only steal laptops if workforce members leave them in plain sight. Hackers can only access networks because workforce members set up easy-to-guess passwords. Improper disposal only happens when workforce members decide to throw PHI away instead of shred it. The list goes on.

Watch this 90-second-video to learn workforce member training basics.

Why should I train my workforce members on HIPAA compliance?

Most workforce members aren’t malicious. They’re just forgetful. People may have a fragmented view of what is required of them, or may never have been trained in the first place. Or, their previous employer may not have held them at the higher standard you require.

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