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How to Become PCI Compliant: The 2020 Guide to PCI DSS Compliance

Becoming PCI DSS Compliant reduces the risk of a data breach 

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Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is required for any organization that takes payment cards. The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) includes 12 data security requirements that merchants must follow. Service providers must also comply with the PCI DSS, as well as follow some additional requirements on top of those that apply to merchants. 

Businesses of all sizes are tasked with PCI DSS compliance and many variables come into play while working toward this goal; available resources, time, technology, and information security experience. Noncompliance with the PCI DSS increases the risk of a data breach, and last year SecurityMetrics’ forensic research concluded that the average breached organization was not compliant with 57% of the PCI DSS requirements at the time of compromise. 

Now in its fifth edition, the SecurityMetrics Guide to PCI DSS Compliance has helped businesses for nearly half a decade fill the gaps in experience, resources, and time, in order to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance.

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Quick and straightforward guidance to become PCI compliant

The SecurityMetrics Guide to PCI DSS Compliance gives merchants and service providers a pathway to address the most challenging issues among the 12 requirements. Businesses can download the interactive PDF Guide for their organization with confidence that all familiarity levels will find it useful. 

See what people have to say:

"SecurityMetrics is our trustworthy partner when we have to make our annual PCI compliance process successful. They are dedicated in the PCI realm and always provide the detailed information, training, and assistance that make achieving compliance simple and easy," Georgi Kirov, CEO of SWICS, Ltd. says.

Kevin Conway at Freedom Mobile said, "I needed quick and straight-forward guidance on how the PCI DSS requirements apply to software development. I was able to quickly find what I needed written in a way that was both quickly digestible and highly understandable. This resolved the concerns we had and reinforced the importance of the standardization of process controls we are putting in place."

“I was very impressed with how easy to follow the Guide was. It can be daunting to fill in compliance information, but this Guide truly helped,” Graham Hockely, Suunto Oy

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What’s in the 2020 Guide to PCI DSS Compliance

  • Insight into what to expect for PCI DSS 4.0

  • A reading guideline based on the PCI Security Standards Council’s “Prioritized Approach”

  • Interactive IT checklists for each PCI DSS requirement 

  • Brand new PCI compliance customer data

  • Cybersecurity forensic research

  • Tips and experiences from PCI Auditors (QSAs) in every section

Close gaps, get PCI compliant, prevent data breaches

Data security compliance takes collaboration between people, processes, and technology. The SecurityMetrics 2020 Guide to PCI DSS Compliance can help this collaboration go smoother. 

“Businesses need to be supported and informed as they make data security and compliance decisions. The Guide to PCI DSS Compliance is part of our core mission to protect customers from the devastating consequences of data breaches and hacks," says Brad Caldwell, SecurityMetrics CEO.

SecurityMetrics’ mission is to help merchants, service providers, and businesses of all kinds close gaps in compliance and avoid data breaches. If you have questions about PCI compliance or need a PCI Audit, please get in touch.

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