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Managed PCI Compliance Programs for Merchants and Acquirers

Why Managed PCI? 

For PCI Programs, merchant compliance numbers get stuck for a number of reasons. Common roadblocks include a long and technical compliance process, lack of security awareness and education, and communication gaps. Most importantly, merchants need a 360° view of PCI DSS compliance that includes education on how PCI requirements affect payment data security. 

Managed PCI Program for Acquirers and ISOs

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With over 20 years in PCI compliance, SecurityMetrics’ focus on customer feedback and continuous improvement has led to Managed PCI–a designed, comprehensive merchant compliance program that improves portfolio compliance percentages and keeps merchants happy by focusing on the following areas: 

  • Simplified enrollment process 

  • Supported policies and procedures for some SAQs

  • Ongoing merchant communication campaigns

  • Compliance and technical support team

  • Regular webinars and education 

Managed PCI: The acquirer experience

To increase compliance numbers, Managed PCI needs to start with realistic goals and open communication. A dedicated SecurityMetrics PCI Program Manager will guide the acquirer through program analysis and goal setting and will implement acquirer benefits, such as:

  • Partner+ Portal to monitor and report on merchant compliance

  • Outbound merchant education campaigns 

  • Improved rates of compliance and reduced portfolio risk

  • Less phone calls to your PCI team

  • Opportunity for additional revenue streams

Managed PCI: The merchant experience 

The ultimate goal of Managed PCI is to provide all merchants with a 360° view of data security and compliance so they can avoid compromise. 

  • Convenient merchant dashboard

  • Simplified and supported SAQ process with FastPass

  • PCI education, training, support, and webinars

  • Reduced risk of data breach

  • Notifications of compliance status

Balance value and simplicity while effectively educating merchants and guiding them on the path to compliance. 

SecurityMetrics Managed PCI simplifies your responsibilities by proactively guiding your merchants through the PCI validation process and increasing merchant satisfaction.

More PCI services available for merchants

SecurityMetrics is a full-service security firm and offers additional products and services that can increase your revenue and add value to your merchants, such as:  

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Read what SecurityMetrics partners have to say about their experience with Managed PCI:

“SecurityMetrics has taken a very complicated process and made it simple. They have been very responsive in helping our merchants become PCI validated, as well as taking whatever time was necessary to help the merchants understand the reason behind PCI DSS and how it benefits them and more importantly their clients. Thanks to SecurityMetrics and how they have assisted our merchants, we have had to deal with very few questions in getting our merchants PCI DSS compliant.”

- John Wadsworth, Higher Standards, Inc.

“I am quite impressed with your [user interface] (UI) and your demystification of PCI choices and criteria. I've been steeping in PCI since v.1.0, and this is the most user-friendly and clear presentation I've seen for merchants with little or no PCI understanding. Kudos!”

- Julian Paolucci, Skechers USA, Inc.

“SecurityMetrics has been an asset to our organization relating to PCI DSS requirements. SecurityMetrics truly understands portfolio management and impact to the merchant. The merchant experience is remarkable; their organization is aligned to give consistent professional customer service with virtually no queue/hold time.”

- Ryan Murray, North Valley Bank

“Where so often 1-800 phone calls can be nothing but an experience in expanding your patience level, the responses I've received from SecurityMetrics have been completely opposite. Where merchants have been confused or frustrated, I've seen the support staff there be patient, warm and understanding, and above all, I've seen your employees be very personable and treat each person on the phone as a friend. That is completely unusual in my experience, and very appreciated.”

- Shelly Wells, Cornerstone Credit Services

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SecurityMetrics helps customers close data security and compliance gaps to avoid data breaches. They provide managed data security services and are certified to help customers achieve the highest data security and compliance standards.

As an Approved Scanning Vendor, Qualified Security Assessor, Certified Forensic Investigator and Managed Security provider SecurityMetrics guides organizations through compliance mandates (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR) and has tested over 1 million systems. The privately held company is headquartered in Orem, Utah where it maintains a Security Operations Center (SOC) and 24/7 multilingual technical support.