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PCI Compliance Scanning Requirements

Vulnerability scanning, the easiest way to predict how hackers might get into your system.


Did you know there’s an easy way to identify and predict how hackers might get into your organization? It’s called external vulnerability scanning.

If your business stores, processes, or transmits credit/debit cards electronically (many of you), then you are required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to complete quarterly vulnerability scanning.


Vulnerability scans are automated, affordable, high-level tests that identify known weaknesses in network structures. Some are able to identify more than 50,000 unique external weaknesses. That’s 50,000 unique ways hackers could exploit your business network.

Watch the video to learn more about vulnerability scanning.

Is your scan vendor an ASV?

Vulnerability scanning isn’t just about locating and reporting vulnerabilities. It’s also about establishing a repeatable and reliable process for fixing problems. Failing scan results that aren’t remediated basically render all security precautions worthless.

After a scan completes, it is crucial to fix any located vulnerabilities on a prioritized basis. Our vulnerability support team recommends prioritizing based on risk and effort required. Then, run scans until the scan returns clean. Because cybercriminals discover new and creative ways to hack businesses daily, it’s important to scan often.

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