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SecurityMetrics Workforce Security and Compliance Training

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Why is workforce training important? 

Unequivocally, the number one organizational cybersecurity vulnerability is employee error. Occasionally, there may be embedded agents that take a job with an organization with the primary purpose of stealing company secrets, but those situations are rare. 

Most of the time, a phishing or social engineering attack is unknowingly enabled by an employee. SecurityMetrics Workforce and Security Training is a great way to prevent the majority of security breaches by training employees on data security and compliance regulations. 

Why SecurityMetrics Workforce Training?

Employee error is the top organizational vulnerability. To help mitigate this vulnerability, SecurityMetrics offers comprehensive training for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and Data Security. These trainings are designed to protect data, avoid employee actions that might lead to compromise, and comply with security guidelines. 

Through extensive material, interactive quizzes, engaging examples, and practical applications, SecurityMetrics Workforce and Security Training helps improve employee understanding of best practices in cybersecurity, gives your employees the training they need through role-based courses, and allows you to complete up to 12% of your SAQ for PCI compliance.

How Does SecurityMetrics Training work? 

SecurityMetrics Training is customizable so that you can meet the needs of your employees and business in the most efficient way possible. Simply purchase a SecurityMetrics Workforce and Security Training product and assign each of your seats to the training your employees need. 

For example, if you have some employees that need PCI training while other employees need GDPR training, you can choose which training to assign each employee. You can then monitor your employees’ training completion and renewal deadlines. SecurityMetrics Training also has options for accessibility support and closed captions. 

To provide the best service and stay ahead of threat actors, SecurityMetrics Workforce and Security Training uses the most current information on cybersecurity standards and requirements. The cybersecurity and compliance world changes quickly as threat actors find new ways to exploit environments. SecurityMetrics Training is designed to keep up with and minimize these risks. 

Contact your support representative for more information or guidance on getting started with your training.

What training is available through SecurityMetrics? 

SecurityMetrics offers comprehensive training for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and Data Security

Course options include: 

  • PCI DSS Compliance

  • Compliance Impact: PCI Verifying the Transaction

  • HIPAA Privacy Rule for Covered Entities

  • HIPAA Security Rule for Business Associates

  • HIPAA Security Rule for Covered Entities

  • HIPAA for Non-Medical Employees

  • HIPAA Privacy Essentials

  • Workplace Management: Employee Laws and Regulations

  • IT Security Fundamentals

  • Using Corporate Devices

  • GDPR Privacy

  • CCPA Privacy

Additionally, each training contains interactive quizzes, examples, applications, and anecdotes that your employees can relate to and learn from. A central dashboard enables admin to manage training completion.

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Can training be monitored? 

Yes. SecurityMetrics makes it easy to enroll and track employee progress through each training course. You can monitor your employees’ training completion and renewal deadlines. 

Additionally, SecurityMetrics clearly defines which training level is appropriate for your employees, how long it takes to complete, and the ideal target audience. This helps you adequately anticipate the amount of time you need to set aside for training and prepare your employees for new security practices. 

Is SecurityMetrics workforce training accessible? 

Yes. You can get accessibility support and closed captions. 

How much does SecurityMetrics Workforce Training it cost? 

The current price is $69/training, but SecurityMetrics offers great discounts on bulk training options. Shop here for SecurityMetrics training. 

Is there an expiration date on workforce training? 

Yes. Workforce training will expire one year from the purchase date. 

Does SecurityMetrics have additional training resources? 

Yes. You can find a variety of training guides, advice, and services through our blog, white papers, learning center, and SecurityMetrics Academy. Here are a few additional resources to get you started:

5 Tips to Train Workforce on Social Engineering 

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Read what SecurityMetrics partners have to say about their experience with Workforce Training:

“Easy to follow instructions to complete training. I feel our business is more secure after the training.” Nancy Wiseman, M.ed, EdS, Office Manager, Citrus Endodontics, P.A.

“We have been customers of SecurityMetrics for about eight years. We are so impressed with the patient and professional way that their staff treats customers. They do not hurry, seem tired, act annoyed or too busy to work with their customers. Every person I spoke to was great!” Naomi Christman, The ProImmune Co, LLC

“Great help in training employees and managers.” Bob Schmid, Otts Good Earth Garden

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