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Sudo Vulnerability, Emotet and Netwalker Takedown, Bonobos Breach

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Sudo Vulnerability, Emotet and Netwalker Takedown, Bonobos Breach | SecurityMetrics News 4

In this SecurityMetrics News episode, Heff and Forrest analyze recent cybersecurity news, including the recent Sudo vulnerability, Emotet and Netwalker Takedown, and Bonobos data breach. They dive deep into the technical information to help you understand attacks and give tips to manage vulnerabilities in order to avoid data breaches at your organization.

Hosted by Matthew Heffelfinger (Director of SIEM Operations, GSTRT, CyRP (Pepperdine), GRCP, SSAP, ITIL4-F, GISF, PECB) and Forrest Barth (SOC Analyst, CISSP, CMNO, Security+).

Sudo Vulnerability could allow root privileges for attackers on Linux systems.

  • Vulnerability CVE-2021-3156
  • Has been around for about 10 years
  • Impacts Cisco and MAC devices too
  • Above all, install your updates

Emotet takedown

  • Europol and other agencies took down the Emotet botnet
  • Emotet started as a banking Trojan in 2014 and has evolved

New and old ransomware strains race for dominance

  • Just 6 ransomware operations were responsible for 84% of known attacks last year
  • Ransomware hits any company it can; not necessarily one sector

More cybersecurity news

  • January is typically most quiet month for cyberattacks
  • In January 2021, january saw 878 million records breached
  • North Korean threat actors are using social engineering to backdoor security researchers’ systems
  • Company Bonobos suffered breach with 70 GB data leak
  • Leak on “Mindful Dating” website leaks information about 2.28 million users

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