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Top blogs of 2021

At SecurityMetrics, our objective is to help organizations secure peace of mind for companies that handle sensitive data through vulnerability testing, managed security, workforce training (e.g., PCI compliance, HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity), cybersecurity assessments, compliance assessments, and 24/7 live support so that you never have a false sense of security. 

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As part of that objective, we have selected some of our most helpful blogs from 2021 to help you maintain and strengthen your security. 

5 Steps of a PCI DSS Audit

PCI DSS assessments, also called PCI DSS audits, may seem daunting for you and your business. But, we’ve broken down the process into 5 steps to help you understand what it will be like and how you can better optimize your time. 

Who Owns Third-Party Security Risk Management

Understanding how third parties are interacting with your environment is more essential than ever to have strong security because many cyber attacks are happening through third parties. For example, eskimming attacks are increasing and often these attacks occur through compromised third parties or malvertizing. In fact, nearly all of the recent big breaches can be traced back to third parties. 

This blog gives five tips to help you with third-party security risk management

10 Misconceptions about Endpoint Security and Why You Need It

In the era of the mega hack, it is increasingly necessary to use a Defense in Depth (DiD) layered approach for strong security. In the past, most cybersecurity threats came through the network; today, these threats are primarily coming through endpoints. Endpoint security, a DiD tool, can help alert and potentially mitigate some of these attacks. 

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Incident Response: 10 Things to Do if You Have a Data Breach

It’s likely that you will experience a data breach at some point. What you have done to prepare for a data breach is important, and what you do after a data breach is crucial. Whether an incident response plan is in place or not, there are steps you can take to minimize the impact of compromise. Here are our top ten recommendations and best practices when responding to a small-to-medium sized business data breach.

Cybersecurity Workforce Training FAQs

Employee error remains the biggest factor in being breached. This blog focuses on educating compliance officers, managers, and business owners on the importance of workforce training by addressing common questions and concerns. 

Learn why workforce training is an important investment, how to train your employees in cybersecurity, how to develop a company culture of best security practices, and tips and resources for training your employees.

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BONUS: Increasing Satisfaction in PCI DSS Programs for Acquirers and ISOs

PCI DSS programs should help businesses increase revenue, decrease attrition, and increase customer loyalty. This blog explains how to identify a high quality PCI DSS program so that PCI compliance doesn't create added stress. At the end of the day, PCI compliance is about helping your merchants reduce risk and grow their business. 

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