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Top Cybersecurity Conferences to Attend in 2023

Whether you’re a small business owner or the CISO at a large enterprise, cybersecurity conferences are a great way to expand your education, explore the latest technology and innovative solutions to complex tech problems, and network with cybersecurity experts across the globe. 

Organizations are working hard to provide paid and free content so that you can find information and experiences that match your interests, needs, or price point. Join the security community virtually or in person to stay informed about what matters most. 


Here are the top cybersecurity conferences and events to attend in 2023:



Put on by the Utah chapter of the Security Advisory and Incident Network Team ("UtahSAINT"), this conference has been held for over 20 years throughout the State of Utah. The organization aims to be, “fun, engaging, and instructional.” SAINTCON is a friendly show for security and IT professionals, and also welcomes anyone interested in “computer security, hacking, and security research.”

SAINTCON Price: $265

Date: TBA (Usually in October)

Location: Utah 


2023 PCI North America Community Meeting

The three-day PCI SSC 2021 Global Community Forum “will include all the things you expect from PCI SSC events – important Council updates, regional insights, opportunities for feedback, networking, and fun engagement activities.”

This event is for Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs), Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs), PTS Approved Labs (PTS), PCI Professionals (PCIPs), Payment Application QSAs (PA QSAs), Internal Security Assessors (ISAs), Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIRs), Point to Point Encryption Assessors (P2PEs), Card Production Security Assessors (CPSAs), Qualified PIN Assessors (QPAs) and Software Security Framework Assessors (SSAs).

PCI SSC 2021 Global Community Forum: $295

Date: September 12 - 14, 2023  

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA


2023 PCI Europe Community Meeting

PCI SSC 2021 Global Community Forum: $295

Date: October 24 - 26, 2023  

Location: Dublin, Ireland


RSA Conference 2022

RSA is returning to San Francisco for 2023 and will take place on April 24 - 27th. RSA conference is one of the premier information security shows in the industry. Their mission is to “connect you to the most knowledgeable people and cutting-edge content that will empower you to stay ahead of cyberthreats and advance your career. The conversations and debates are...designed for open and honest dialog that often provide different/unique and sometimes opposing views in order to get to the heart of the problem and ultimately a creative/unbiased solution.”

RSA Conference Price: Starting at  $1845 for a single, full conference ticket 

Date: April 24 - 27, 2023  

Location: San Francisco, CA


Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

This expo takes place in London and is a great networking and educational opportunity.  Cloud & Cyber Security Expo aims to bring together “cyber security innovators, technologists and business leaders, to help them protect their networks and assets in an increasingly complex and hostile digital environment.”

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Price: TBA

Date: March 8-9, 2023

Location: London, UK



HIMSS is the primary health information and technology conference. With nearly 45,000 attendees from over 90 countries, this conference is a must for those interested in transforming health around the world through advances in technology. Choose from over 300 sessions and enjoy a vast selection of special programs and networking opportunities. 


Date: April 17-21, 2023 

Location: Chicago, Illinois,



WiCyS is a technical conference designed for women with the aim to “recruit, retain and advance women in cybersecurity.” This event welcomes those with academic and industry backgrounds. Students can also attend this event. 

WiCyS Conference Price: $40 - $800 

Date: March 16-18, 2023 

Location: Denver, Colorado 


Cybersecurity and Risk Summit

This event is hosted by MasterCard to provide current insights, data and cutting-edge resources to help organizations and industry professionals mitigate risk and optimize performance. This event is held in two locations each year. 

Cyber and Risk Summit Price: TBA

Date: TBA

Locations: Bangkok, Thailand. Second location is TBA 


ISACA Conference North America

One of the leading governance and security events internationally, ISACA is a great conference for its diversity in industry attendees. Six regions host an ISACA conference: Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania.

ISACA Conference North America Price: TBA

Date: May 10-12, 2023 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts


ISACA Conference Europe 

ISACA Conference Europe Price: TBA

Date: TBA

Location: Rome, Italy 


The Diana Initiative  

The Diana Initiative conference focuses on helping those who are underrepresented in information security and is “committed to helping all underrepresented genders, sexualities, races and cultures in Information Security…[and] will foster empowerment, encourage initiative and create networking opportunities.” 

The Diana Initiative Price: TBA

Date: TBA

Location: TBA



What originally started as a party for a specific group of hackers on the “Net” in 1993 has turned into the biggest regular hackathon in the world. With an average of 27-28 thousand attendees, the DEF CON remains a singular experience in the cybersecurity community. The organization created a Safe Mode with Networking website, which is a centralized location for virtual conference content.  

DEF CON Price: $300, cash only

Date: August 10-13, 2023

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Black Hat 

If you are looking for a highly technical security conference and cutting edge research, Black Hat is a must-attend event. With briefings and trainings held annually in the United States, Europe and Asia, it is regarded as one of the best security conferences in the world. “For more than 16 years, Black Hat has provided attendees with the very latest in information security research, development, and trends in a strictly vendor-neutral environment.” Black Hat is for all career levels. Join the Black Hat conference to collaborate with academia, world-class researchers, and leaders in the public and private sectors. Black Hat conferences take place all over the world. Visit their website to see what other locations will host Black Hat conferences. 

Black Hat USA 2023

Black Hat Asia 2023

Black Hat Europe 2023

Black Hat Price: TBA 

Dates: TBA

Location: Las Vegas NV, Singapore, Singapore, London, United Kingdom


Zero Trust World (ThreatLocker)

ThreatLocker will be bringing some of the brightest cybersecurity professionals and special guests together. This two-and-a-half-day event will provide hands-on exercises, live hacking demonstrations, and valuable insights into how you can become an even more successful MSP and IT professional!

ThreatLocker Price: TBA

Date: February 01- 03, 2023    

Location: ChampionsGate, FL



“ICCWS uniquely addresses cyber security, cyber warfare and information warfare.

For the past 18 years ICCWS has developed into an important conference in the cyber-security field, attracting academics, military professionals and practitioners from around the world to present their research findings in the form of empirical studies, case histories and other theoretical and practical contributions. In addition doctoral degree candidates find this conference a valuable opportunity to network with others and have the opportunity to present papers and posters.

Over the years the Conference has been attended by a variety of security and military organisations including Cyber Security Policy Research Institute, more than 10 national defence colleges, NATO, SHAPE etc.”


Date: March 9 - 10, 2023 

Location: Towson, Maryland



HACKMIAMI X offers presentations for beginner to advanced hackers. Topics include all things tech such as crimeware, cryptocurrency, DDoS, digital currency, digital self-defense, encryption, forensics, hacker culture, HAM radio, identify theft, malware, mobile technologies, open source software, penetration testing, programming, robotics, security culture, software cracking, software/tool releases and much more.

HACKMIAMI Price: $99 - $1600

Date: May 19 - 20, 2023 

Location: Sunny Isles Beach, FL 


Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference

“The Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference brand has grown into one of the most important resources for corporate network security professionals, federal, state and local law enforcement digital forensic specialists, and cybersecurity industry leaders from around the world. The purpose is to raise international awareness of developments, teaching, training, responsibilities, and ethics in the field of IT security and digital forensics.”

This conference has two dates and locations. 

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference Price: TBA 

Date: June 5-8, 2023 

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina    


Date: September 11-13, 2023

Location: Pasadena, California

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