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Guided HIPAA Compliance

Guided HIPAA Compliance

You don't have to be a HIPAA expert, we take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Take The Pain Out Of HIPAA Compliance

Your organization counts on you to take care of HIPAA compliance. Partner with us and you'll become a HIPAA compliance hero. SecurityMetrics offers comprehensive services to help you identify risks, meet compliance requirements, and keep up with changes.

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Breach Protection Consulting

With over ten years of experience in data security, we are very familiar with the top risks health organizations face. We analyze your exposure to top risks such as bad password management, misconfigured firewalls, malware hazards, remote access vulnerabilities, wireless insecurity, and social engineering.


  • Breach Protection Checklist
  • $100,000 breach reimbursement service warranty
  • External network vulnerability scan
  • Unlimited support with HIPAA Specialist
  • Monthly HIPAA resources newsletter
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Guided Risk Analysis

We conduct an analysis of your compliance level, inventory your systems, determine your vulnerabilities, and develop a custom prioritized plan for you to work towards HIPAA compliance.


Risk Management Plan Implementation

Based on the results of your Guided Risk Analysis, we provide a Prioritized Risk Management Plan. Understanding the technical action items in the risk management plan can be difficult. We guide you and your IT resources through implementation to help your organization toward security and compliance.


  • Guided implementation of Prioritized Risk Management Plan
  • Customizable Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Breach Notification Rule policies and procedures
  • Unlimited support with HIPAA Specialist

Risk Management Plan Implementation

Without proper support, even the best security tools will do little to protect your patient data. SecurityMetrics combines innovative data security tools with award-winning customer support to help guide your organization to compliance and maximize the security benefits of your HIPAA efforts.

Get A Snapshot Of Your Work

The HIPAA compliance overview page allows you to see your overall progress towards HIPAA compliance, your risk summary, the number of vulnerabilities discovered, team assignments, as well as track business associate agreements -- all from the overview page.

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Break Up Your Work Into Manageable Pieces

Tackling HIPAA compliance might make you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Our breach protection checklist breaks up HIPAA into manageable pieces so you can stay organized and won't miss any important tasks.

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Identify Risks Unique To Your Organization

Complying with HIPAA is important, but its purpose is to protect patient data. Completing a risk analysis helps you comply with the HIPAA Security Rule and identify risks at your organization. This important step helps us create your risk management plan.

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Take A Deeper Look At Your Organization's Security

The Risk Management Plan and the Breach Protection Checklist go hand in hand. The Checklist gets you started on the most “bang for your buck” tasks. Once you’ve finished your checklist, dive into the Risk Management Plan for a deeper look at your organization’s security.

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Store HIPAA Documents In One Place

Each HIPAA requirement and action must be documented. Keeping these efforts organized is made easy with our HIPAA portal where you can conduct and update a risk analysis, risk management plan, training, and store your policies and procedures. Actions are time-stamped and track which staff member completed the task.

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Have An Expert In Your Corner

Have An Expert In Your Corner

You don’t always have a HIPAA or data security expert on staff. Partnering with us includes a dedicated HIPAA Support Advisor to guide you through HIPAA compliance and answer questions when you have them.

Reasons To Choose SecurityMetrics For Guided HIPAA Compliance:

Easy-To-Navigate Dashboard

The SecurityMetrics HIPAA dashboard helps you keep compliance efforts organized and progressing. You can track your risk analysis, risk management plan, training, and policies and procedures all in one place.

Compliance At Your Pace

HIPAA compliance can be a complicated and time-consuming project. SecurityMetrics HIPAA compliance dashboard helps you tackle compliance with simple steps at the pace you want.

A Simple, Risk-Based Approach To HIPAA Security Compliance

SecurityMetrics HIPAA Specialists use a prioritized, risk-based approach to guide you through your HIPAA security risk analysis, network security implementation, and documentation. The HIPAA Specialists enable you to prioritize the areas of compliance you should work on first in your risk management plan to quickly secure your PHI environment and create evidence of good-faith compliance in the event of a Health and Human Services (HHS) HIPAA audit.

Risk Reduction And Patient Security

Finding a balance between providing exceptional healthcare services and the HIPAA standard is a challenge. Data theft is advancing through ever-increasing criminal tactics, and the scope of HIPAA compliance extends to new levels with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) and omnibus rule. SecurityMetrics has technology and resources to accurately help you reach compliance, prevent theft of protected healthcare information (PHI), and maintain a strong brand image.

A Reliable Security Partnership

A partnership with SecurityMetrics lends years of data security and compliance expertise to your business. Our extensive knowledge and comprehensive services relieve the stress of HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use requirements. We also provide resources so you stay current with HIPAA changes. With all your HIPAA documentation in one place you will be prepared in the case of an HHS audit or investigation.

Tools For An Accurate Assessment

We have many tools as part of our HIPAA dashboard to assist you in the compliance process including: business associate agreement templatesInternal and external vulnerability scanningpenetration testingmobile device securityprivacy and security policies, and HIPAA training.


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