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Cloud Security Best Practices

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SecurityMetrics Podcast | 13

Cloud Security Best Practices

When Liberty Mutual offered Craig Olsen a lateral leap from Developer to Security Analyst, he took it–and hasn’t looked back since. Now a Cybersecurity Architect at Liberty Mutual, Olsen reflects on the last fifteen years and his role in the transition from one-person internal security departments, to a full-blown industry with unique technologies, solutions, and issues.

When it comes to the cloud, many companies are unsure or hesitant. Some may not even know for sure if they’re using it. Often, this is based on a lack of understanding or familiarity with cloud security.

Olsen and Host Jen Stone sit down for an in-depth discussion about cloud solutions, including:

  • What we can learn from companies who’ve experienced data breaches in the cloud

  • How to leverage the unique qualities of the cloud to improve security and support growth

  • Simple steps anyone can take to build foundational layers of security–areas like passwords, policies, encryption, and compliance

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