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Cloud Security: Management Versus Implementation

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Cloud Security: Management Versus Implementation 

As a former US Air Force Cyber-Warfare Technician, Vince Romney (CISSP) has been able to leverage his unique military experience in the private sector–most recently as CTO of SK2 Technology, developing high-security encryption applications. In this episode, Vince Romney joins Host Jen Stone (Principal Security Analyst, CISSP, CISA, QSA) to explore cloud security challenges in the corporate world, but also to share the valuable insights about risk analysis and mitigation which he gained during his military service.

Listen in to learn: 

  • Common misconceptions about the security, implementation, and risk management required for cloud solutions.

  • How decision makers in the corporate world can apply specific risk assessment principles and methods used in the military.

  • Lessons learned in military operations that will help you increase the discipline, honesty, and problem-solving ability within your organization’s security program.

“You can live a much calmer life if you accept that your work is never done. Readjust your mindset to see that if you want to succeed in cybersecurity, you should be constantly engaged in learning new concepts and trying new tactics.” –Vince Romney


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