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Cybersecurity as an Operational Effort

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SecurityMetrics Podcast | 67

Cybersecurity as an Operational Effort

Cybersecurity and risk management are often tossed to technical teams, but when these are driven by operations, the entire organization benefits. Jen Stone sits down with Grant Elliott (CEO and co-founder of Ostendio, and Adjunct Professor at the Pratt Institute in New York) to discuss:

  • Communicating with upper-level management and set expectations on security success
  • Managing security for the long term, as opposed to one-and-done compliance
  • Creating an operational approach to cybersecurity

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Hosted by Jen Stone, Principal Security Analyst (MCIS, CISSP, CISA, QSA)

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[Disclaimer] Before implementing any policies or procedures you hear about on this or any other episodes, make sure to talk to your legal department, IT department, and any other department assisting with your data security and compliance efforts.

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