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Diversity and Mentorship in Cybersecurity

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SecurityMetrics Podcast | 8

Diversity and Mentorship in Cybersecurity

“We need each other. Cybersecurity is a global event and we need all the brains,” says Noreen Njoroge. “Threat actors don’t care where you are from or what your social status is. They are there to attack everybody. As cybersecurity specialists, we should also have that mindset. It’s a community effort. I have to help my brother, my sister, my coworker, my friend, know how to better defend themselves against attacks.” 

Njoroge imbues that same philosophy into her cybersecurity mentoring projects. As a Security Threat Engineer at Cisco, President of North Carolina Women in Cybersecurity, and leader of the Mentors and Mentees Group for Women in Cybersecurity, she has a unique perspective on the humans who make up the cybersecurity industry. Today, she sits down with our Host and Principal Security Analyst, Jen Stone, to discuss:

  • How making more “room at the table” for diverse thinking strengthens our defensive stance and improves cybersecurity around the globe. 

  • The qualities that make for a good cybersecurity analyst and how to get the most out of a mentor/mentee relationship.

  • How the industry can recruit more security analysts with diverse skills, strengths, and backgrounds.


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