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How to Work from Home Securely

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How to Work from Home Securely

In this episode, Jen Stone (Principal Security Analyst, CISSP, CISA, QSA) sits down with Michael Simpson (Principal Security Analyst, CISSP, CISA, QSA) to discuss:

  • Data security best practices while working from home 
  • How to properly use a VPN
  • How working from home affects a PCI Assessment

"Due to the coronavirus and social distancing, a lot of companies needed to move their employees from the office and into their homes, but luckily they weren't just doing it without thinking about how that move would affect their data security and their sensitive data," says Michael Simpson.

Throughout this episode, Michael Simpson discusses tips on how to maintain and improve your security while making the transition of having more workers go from the office and work from home. For example, "If you can minimize those network segments by having those devices come into a VPN that’s controlled by the organization, this can help to simplify the scoping discussion."

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[Disclaimer] Before implementing any policies or procedures you hear about on this or any other episodes, make sure to talk to your legal department, IT department, and any other department assisting with your data security and compliance efforts.