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The Myth of the Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

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The Myth of the Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

“Is there really a shortage of skills in cybersecurity? Or are we just looking at it the wrong way?”

Director of Information Security and IT at BEEM Technologies, Naomi Buckwalter (CISSP, CISM) discovered hacking at Vanguard, where she joined a class and learned to hack from scratch. Her experiences as a software security architecture, security engineer, career advisor, mentor, and speaker have given her a broad spectrum of insight about the so-called cybersecurity “skills shortage.” 

In this episode, Naomi talks with Principal Security Analyst Jen Stone (MCIS, CISSP, CISA, QSA) about why mythology and gatekeeping in cybersecurity are holding the industry back and creating an uncertain future.

Listen to learn: 

  • Why new professionals see barriers in cybersecurity and what industry veterans need to do to paint a better picture

  • How improving emotional intelligence and culture in the cybersecurity community can help us better fight cybercrime

  • Tips for people who want to get started in cybersecurity

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