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How To Prepare For a PCI DSS Audit


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How to Prepare for a PCI DSS Assessment

A successful PCI DSS assessment requires a fair amount of preparation and scheduling far in advance. These activities may seem like a lot of work, but they are actually the best way to make your assessment less overwhelming, help you control time and cost, and avoid worst-case scenarios.

With thousands of PCI DSS assessment hours between them, SecurityMetrics Principal Analysts George Mateaki (CISSP, CISA, CISM, QSA, PA-QSA) and Jen Stone (MCIS, CISSP, CISA, QSA) sit down to “talk shop” and share stories from the field.

Listen in to learn:

  • How remote assessments work and tips to make them go more smoothly.
  • What you should do a year, 9 months, 6 months, and 3 months before your first assessment. Plus, what to do in between assessments to save time and resources.
  • An overview of the PCI audit timeline–from initial contact to signing of the report on compliance (ROC).


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