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Tips to Automate Your Cybersecurity Processes

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SecurityMetrics Podcast | 7

Automate All the Things!

Tom Hatch, Co-founder and CTO of Salt Stack, Inc and host of "The Hacks" sits down with Host and Principal Security Analyst Jen Stone (MCIS, CISSP, CISA, QSA) to discuss:

  • How cybercriminal activity has become automated and widespread
  • How to use automation to help close your security gaps and reduce infrastructure management challenges
  • The need maintaining your applications and having different types of IT individuals address security issues

"We live in the era of continual cyber warfare, and that warfare isn't just between nation states. It's between crime syndicates, crime groups, and hacker groups that seemingly spawn from nowhere. Even a handful of folks–or even a single person–can have a very big impact when they perform these attacks." Thomas Hatch

"As an assessor, I'm seeing a gap between the people that knows there's a problem, the people who have to fix the problem, and then the people who have to approve that there was a problem and that the problem has been fixed." Jen Stone


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