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Zero Trust Tenets

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Zero Trust Tenets

"Zero Trust is essentially a security initiative saying that you are going to assume that attackers are present in any environment you're working in. The main goal of that is to remove implicit trust in the design and implementation of whatever you're doing."

“Zero trust” is something we hear a lot about but in many cases it seems to be a buzzword used to sell us something. However, it can be an excellent approach to security when done well. Tune in this week as Jen Stone (MCIS, CISSP, CISA, QSA) speaks with Geoffrey Sanders (Senior Member of the Technical Staff/Situational Awareness Team, Software Engineering Institute/CERT Division, Carnegie Mellon University) about the tenets of zero trust and where to get started in implementing zero trust in your environment.

Listen to learn:

  • How privacy and security are related
  • Where to start when you need to understand how laws and regulations apply to you
  • What direction policy and legislation are taking to address cybercrime

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