SecurityMetrics FastPass increases scoping accuracy and reduces merchant time and frustration.

SecurityMetrics FastPass provides you the ability to:

  • Create customized questions and scoping flows
  • Leverage your knowledge about your merchants technology and processing methods
  • Get merchants to the correct SAQ more quickly
  • Pre-fill SAQ questions based on FastPass answers


Jerri Prosch, Lehr Middlebrooks & Vreeland, P.C.

In the past couple of days I have needed to talk to people in Renewals, Technical Support and Scan Technicians. Everyone, without exception, has been very pleasant to deal with and very helpful! My encounter with each person has been so outstanding that I just wanted to let you know what a super job you are doing. Whatever you are doing to train your people is working. Keep up the good work! Thanks to everyone for making my time spent with you so helpful and pleasant!

Julian Paolucci, Skechers USA, Inc.

I am quite impressed with your UI and your demystification of PCI choices and criteria. I've been steeping in PCI since 1.0, and this is the most user-friendly and clear presentation I've seen for merchants with little or no PCI understanding. Kudos!

Ryan Murray, North Valley Bank

SecurityMetrics has been an asset to our organization relating to PCI DSS requirements. SecurityMetrics truly understands portfolio management and impact to the merchant. The merchant experience is remarkable; their organization is aligned to give consistent professional customer service with virtually no queue/hold time.

Norman Bhalla, Five Star Merchant Services

I want to thank SecurityMetrics for providing a valuable service of helping and guiding our merchants through the process of PCI compliancy. Our merchants have experienced very professional and hands-on service from your team with enrolling and certification processes.

John Wadsworth, Higher Standards, Inc.

SecurityMetrics has taken a very complicated process and made it simple. They have been very responsive in helping our merchants become PCI validated, as well as taking whatever time was necessary to help the merchants understand the reason behind PCI DSS and how it benefits them and more importantly their clients. Thanks to SecurityMetrics and how they have assisted our merchants, we have had to deal with very few questions in getting our merchants PCI DSS compliant.

Shelly Wells, Cornerstone Credit Services

Where so often 1-800 phone calls can be nothing but an experience in expanding your patience level, the responses I've received from SecurityMetrics have been completely opposite. Where merchants have been confused or frustrated, I've seen the support staff there be patient, warm and understanding, and above all, I've seen your employees be very personable and treat each person on the phone as a friend. That is completely unusual in my experience, and very appreciated.