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Comprehensive PA QSA audits done right, the first time.

You have a great payment application-we'll help you secure it. The goal of SecurityMetrics' Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA) team isn't just to perform an assessment, but help your business reach compliance with cardholder data security requirements.

Get PA DSS compliant through the following


Gap analysis and PA QSA remediation checklist


Payment application assessment


PA DSS Remediation Assistance


PA DSS Report on Validation (ROV) review and submission

QSA Gap analysis and remediation checklist

Our friendly and knowledgeable PA-QSAs review installation network diagrams, cardflow descriptions, and other processes to complete an initial gap analysis of your payment application. Once the possible problem areas have been identified, we provide a detailed checklist of issues that must be addressed before final testing can take place. SecurityMetrics PA-QSA team helps you:

  • Understand PA DSS requirements
  • Meet compliance deadlines to avoid fines
  • Remediate system compliance breakdowns
  • Test processes, software, and documentation for weaknesses
  • Develop secure practices through advice from an experienced PA QSA
  • Validate compliance with PA DSS requirements

Payment application assessment

Our innovative audit process combines technical analysis, procedural evaluation, and employee interviews to complete a thorough and comprehensive payment application assessment. A post-test summary report identifies every action item that must be completed before the PA-DSS report can be finalized.

Remediation Assistance

We understand that every day your application is stuck in remediation is another day of lost revenue. Our PA-QSAs work with you to fix areas of noncompliance and expedite the retesting process to ensure a timely assessment.

PCI Report on Validation (ROV) review and submission

Once compliance requirements have been met, SecurityMetrics PA-QSAs write and submit the ROV to the PCI Council. Our PA-QSAs act as your advocate and work directly with the Council to clarify any issues or provide additional information required by the evaluation staff.

Top Reasons to use SecurityMetrics for PA-DSS Compliance

  • Remediation assistance

    SecurityMetrics doesn't just tell you if your payment application is compliant. Our PA-QSAs work with you to patch noncompliant items and help guide your payment platform into PA-DSS compliance.
  • Experienced and approachable PA QSAs

    SecurityMetrics' QSAs have in-depth understanding of the PCI landscape, effective PCI assessment methods, and superior customer support. Unlike other vendors that rely on assembly line assessments passed from auditor to auditor, SecurityMetrics assigns your organization a dedicated PA-QSA to provide expert guidance during your PA-DSS validation efforts.
  • A network of expertise

    Consistency, reliability, and expertise are arguably the most important characteristics to look for in a PA-QSA. Our assessors are centrally located which not only allows them to share and learn from each other, but also promotes collaboration with our other security departments like Forensics and Penetration Testing.
  • No surprise pricing

    SecurityMetrics PA-DSS audit pricing is simple-we determine the scope of the work and provide you with a custom price quote for the assessment. There are no hidden charges, no add-on fees, and no onsite hourly charges. SecurityMetrics gives you one custom price that won't change.
  • Cost reduction

    SecurityMetrics' PA-QSAs help you understand the most effective way to build and support payment systems, arrange your sensitive data touch points to minimize PCI workload, and help you to create more efficient processes to reduce overall costs.

Here's what our customers are saying

We recently went through our first PA-DSS certification. The crew at SecurityMetrics was fantastic to work with. The staff is extremely skilled and knew exactly what was needed to prepare for our certification. Anytime an issue raised its head, our assessors were always there with suggestions to correct the issue. All of our calls and emails were returned in a timely manner, and deadlines were met. Our onsite assessment was professionally completed ahead of schedule. We believe that the SecurityMetrics Assessors understand the payment card industry and how software engineers write code to process cards, making the entire process much easier for our company. We will continue to use SecurityMetrics in the future and highly recommend them to anyone considering their services.

Freedom Data Systems

We had never done any type of PA-DSS certification before, and the SecurityMetrics walked us through the process, step-by-step, ensuring that we were going down the correct path, providing the appropriate documentation, and would meet our internal deadline. The feedback we received from the SecurityMetrics team was invaluable! When our Security Analyst was on site, the several-day process went very smoothly. Thanks to the hard work of the SecurityMetrics team, we received our certification by our internal deadline date. We look forward to working with SecurityMetrics again once we re-validate next year!

Linda Helgeson, Senior Business Analyst, Catamaran, Inc.

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