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Top Cybersecurity Conferences 2020

Whether you’re a small business owner or the CISO at a large enterprise, finding good cybersecurity conferences is a necessary task to continue security education and explore the latest technology and innovative solutions. With current conditions preventing most in-person trade shows, organizations have had to get creative and bring their offerings online, or to plan for future in-person events. 

Even though the future is unknown, these organizations are working hard to share both paid and free content, through a variety of channels, to keep the security community connected and informed when it matters most. Whatever your interests, needs, or price point, you are likely to find a cybersecurity conference that will work for you.

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Here are the top cybersecurity conferences and events you should check out:

1. RSA Conference 2021

Although it will be shorter than usual, RSA is still planning for an in-person show in May 2021. The event is expected to be held in San Francisco on May 17-20 and will also be live-streamed for a virtual audience. With a theme of “Resilience,” RSA conference is one of the premier information security shows in the industry. Their mission is, “to take on cyberthreats that are, by nature, relentless. That are conceived by those who persistently attempt to steal our data, our wealth, and our peace of mind. We are also connected by world events that threaten the very foundation of our profession. We respond by searching ever deeper within ourselves to create solutions that can withstand and quickly recover from whatever adversity is thrown at us . . . we will thrive.”

RSA Conference Price: $1,795–$2,895

2. Black Hat Asia

Having gone completely virtual, Black Hat Asia 2020 will take place in the Singapore Time Zone on September 29-October 2. This conference is specifically for hackers of all levels and aims to help them improve their skills. Researchers and the open source community will showcase their latest open-source tools and products. Tool demonstrations will take place in an open, conversational, and virtual environment where presenters are able to interact with attendees.

Black Hat Asia Price: $1600-$1900

3. DEF CON 29

What originally started as a party for a specific group of hackers on the “Net” in 1993 has turned into the biggest regular hackathon in the world. With an average of 27-28 thousand attendees, DEF CON 2020’s cancellation due to COVID disappointed many in the hacking and cybersecurity community. The organization created a Safe Mode with Networking website, which is a centralized location for virtual conference content. DEF CON 29 is slated to take place in person, from August 5-9, 2021, in Las Vegas. 

DEF CON Price: $300, cash only

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Put on by the Utah chapter of the Security Advisory and Incident Network Team ("UtahSAINT"), this conference has been held for 14 years throughout the State of Utah. With current challenges in mind, SAINTCON 2020 was cancelled as an in-person event and has been shifted to a virtual format. This includes online-based challenges and events, offered in a “play-as-you-can” format. The organization aims to be, “fun, engaging, and instructional.” SAINTCON is a friendly show for security and IT professionals, and also welcomes anyone interested in “computer security, hacking, and security research.”

SAINTCON Price: Free

5. International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC)

FIC is part trade show and part forum. This conference is primarily for the European market, but about 10% of its attendees are international and come from over 100 different countries. Even though the business side of the show is important, FIC doesn’t lack for education: last year, the organization boasted 450 speakers, 33 round tables, 35 technical demonstrations, and 15 masterclasses. FIC is scheduled to take place in Lille, France, January 19-21, 2021. 

FIC Price: TBA

6. SecurityMetrics Summit 2020

This free, virtual, two-day event held September 23-24 features a mix of over 18 expert speakers and panels. With over 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity and PCI DSS compliance, SecurityMetrics Summit presents insights from technology leaders and cybersecurity experts with sessions that discuss:

  • What to expect when you're expecting a pentest
  • The 2019 threat report and 2020 attack trends
  • Security and compliance tips for remote employees 
  • How to simplify and enhance your compliance program
  • The future of compliance and privacy standards

SecurityMetrics Summit Price: Free

Top Cybersecurity Conferences of 2020

The COVID crisis has disrupted many aspects of life, but it can’t keep the cybersecurity and compliance community from communicating and coming together to keep learning and growing. There are a bounty of options to choose from for your educational and networking goals. 

What conferences will you be attending? If you other have must-see shows, email us at

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