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With over 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity and PCI DSS compliance, SecurityMetrics Summit presents insights from technology leaders and cybersecurity experts with sessions that discuss:

  • The 2019 threat report and 2020 attack trends
  • Security and compliance tips for remote work
  • Money-saving strategies to expand your practice
  • How to simplify and enhance your compliance program
  • New technology and solutions to increase your security
  • The future of compliance and privacy standards

All sessions–except the live keynote–will be available on demand starting September 23rd and 24th

September 23-24, 2020

Price: Free

How to access: Once registered, we will send an email with info to access the event.

Live event: September 23 at 10:00 AM MST time (Noon Eastern)


Day One - September 23rd

PCI DSS 4.0: The Future of PCI Compliance

Gary Glover
VP Security Assessments

How to Conduct a Remote PCI Assessment

Matt Halbleib
Director of Security Assessments

What COVID-19 is Teaching Us About Maintaining a Secure Remote Workplace

Michael Simpson
Security Analyst

Why Healthcare Needs Managed Security Now More than Ever

Jen Stone
Principal Security Analyst

I’ve Managed PCI Compliance Programs For Over 10 Years, Here’s What I’ve Learned

Scott Robinson
Director of Customer Success

5 Things Every Acquirer Needs to Know to Run a Successful PCI Compliance Program

Kelly Rodriguez
Program Manager

Top 5 Firewall Mistakes at Small Businesses

Greg Steffen
Director of Managed Security Operations and Support

Panel Discussion: Current Cyber Threats and Why they Matter to You

Matt Heffelfinger (Director of SIEM Operations) and Forrest Barth (Security Operations)

How GDPR Has Changed Privacy and Your Role in the Future of Data Protection (CCPA, GDPR)

Brittany Woodard
Product Manager

Day Two - September 24th

HITRUST Assessment Basics

Trevor Hansen
Security Analyst

Save Money on Your Next PCI Audit: Why Scoping is Critical to Your Pocketbook

George Mateaki
Principal Security Analyst

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Penetration Test

Chad Horton (Senior Director Penetration Testing) and Terrill Thorn (Pen Test Project Manager)

Mythbuster: 5 Common Myths about Security Audits

Brian Cole
Enterprise Account Manager

Simplify Your Annual PCI Compliance Validation

Sam Strong (Product Manager) and Ian Taylor (VP SMB Sales)

Why Partner with SecurityMetrics for Data Security and Compliance?

Jason Leland
Director, Enterprise Sales

Your Merchants Want both Value and Simplicity: Here’s How to Strike the Balance

Robbi Watson
Director of Business Development

Panel Discussion: Ecommerce skimming solution. A live look into Webpage Integrity Monitoring (WIM)

Robert Reid (Director Product Management), Aaron Willis (Forensic Analyst), and Dave Ellis (VP Investigations)


  • Aaron Willis
    Aaron Willis
  • Brad Caldwell
    Brad Caldwell
  • Brittany Woodward
    Brittany Woodward
  • Chad Horton
    Chad Horton
  • Dave Ellis
    Dave Ellis
  • Forrest Barth
    Forrest Barth
  • Gary Glover
    Gary Glover

    Gary Glover

  • George Mateaki
    George Mateaki
  • Greg Steffen
    Greg Steffen
  • Ian Taylor
    Ian Taylor
  • JB
  • Jason Leland
    Jason Leland
  • Jen Stone
    Jen Stone
  • Kelly Rodriquez
    Kelly Rodriquez
  • Lee Pierce
    Lee Pierce
  • Matt Halbleib
    Matt Halbleib

    How to Conduct a Remote PCI Assessment

    Matt Halbleib
    Director of Security Assessments


  • Matt Heffelfinger
    Matt Heffelfinger
  • Michael Simpson
    Michael Simpson
  • Robbi Watson
    Robbi Watson
  • Robert Reid
    Robert Reid
  • Sam Strong
    Sam Strong
  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson
  • Terrill Thorn
    Terrill Thorn
  • Trevor Hansen
    Trevor Hansen

Discover the innovation you need to close compliance gaps and protect your data.

Discover the innovation you need to close compliance gaps and protect your data.