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Close Security Gaps in 2019: 5 Blog Topics to Help You Avoid Data Breach

With no shortage of large data breaches, like Facebook and Marriott, email phishing scams, as well as advancements in privacy laws like GDPR, 2018 was another significant year for data security and privacy compliance. 

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Our mission is to help customers close data security gaps and avoid data breaches. And much of the work required to do so involves education and preparation. We’ve rounded up some of the most helpful topics from our blog to help set you on the right course for 2019. Prepare now, so you’ll have less hassle later. 

1. Security Training and Education: We created SecurityMetrics Academy to help businesses and individuals quickly learn about the most important data security and compliance topics. Small merchants in particular need to focus on training and education because they don’t have the same security resources a large enterprise might have. Sign up for Academy here. 

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2. Risk Assessments: Risk assessments (sometimes called risk analyses) are the backbone of any data security program. This process assesses your organization’s potential vulnerabilities, threats, and risks to sensitive data, such as cardholder data, protected health information (PHI), and personally identifiable information (PII). For example, if you comply with HIPAA, it’s the first step in the Security Rule compliance.

3. Penetration Testing: Sometimes called “ethical hacking,” penetration testing is a foundational security service for any business. A penetration test is a thorough, live examination designed to find your system’s security holes. Whether you are required by a compliance mandate to perform regular pen tests or not, these blogs will help you understand which type of pentest your business needs and how much it might cost.

  1. Different Types of Penetration Tests Your Business Needs
  2. How Much Does a Pentest cost?

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4. Security Audits: The word “audit” doesn’t typically conjure good thoughts or feelings. However, if you’re prepared for an audit, it doesn’t have to be scary. Here are some of our top blogs to help you prepare for major security and compliance audits. The common theme among all security audit preparation? Document, document, document.

  1. How to Prepare for a HIPAA Audit
  2. How to Prepare for a PCI DSS Audit 
  3. Follow this PCI Audit Checklist and Make Your Auditor Happy
  4. How I Survived my OCU HIPAA Audit 

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5. Data Security and Compliance Budgets: Some of the most common questions we receive involve how much data security and compliance cost. Planning for any budget should include an allocation for security. It’s also important to find things you can do that cost relatively little, but will give you the biggest payoffs. The following four blogs will help you as you create your 2019 budgets. They will also help you find ways to make your security dollars go further.

Avoid a Data Breach in 2019

If you focus on these 5 areas now, you can save your business money, time, and hassle in 2019. Data breaches can be devastating, which is why we want to help you get a running start so you can close gaps and avoid the pain of data compromise. 

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